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10 Things You Need To Know About Livestock Niagara

10 Things You Need To Know About Livestock Niagara

This year marks the fourth annual Livestock Niagara Music and Arts Festival. Rafik Guirguis started the festival in 2015 and this year will be it’s best yet. With awesome headliners, great talent and good vibes, Livestock is not to be missed. 30 acts, three stage, three days. $10/Day or $25/Weekend. See you there.


Founded in 2015, Livestock Niagara has become Niagara Falls’ largest independent outdoor music and arts festival. Livestock Niagara is located in historic downtown Niagara Falls at Taps Brewery – 4680 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
In its first year of operations (2015), Livestock Niagara featured 18 bands on two stages, all in one 12 hour day.


“The goal of Livestock Niagara is simple: Build a platform for local musicians to display their craft to a wide and diverse audience!”
Livestock Niagara believes in the organic build of a well-run festival, prioritizing local talent over commercial headliners. Over the past four years, well over 200 Niagara musicians will have graced the stages at the Festival.


This year, the three headliners are worth the price of admission alone. We’d happilly pay $10 a night to go see any of these bands. Add in the rest of the talent and you have a recipe for success. Both Road Waves and My Son the Hurricane are coming off lengthy tours and LMT Connection just got back from Australia. At this point in time all of these acts are at the top of their game. Well seasoned Livestock indeed.


In 2017, Livestock Niagara was officially recognized as a municipally significant event by the city of Niagara Falls.
That means its just as special as the Falls itself. Just kiddin’, that’s like John Lennon saying he’s bigger than Jesus. Oh wait, he did. But really, this event is on par with all the other great events around the Falls like Springalicious, Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival & the Niagara Falls Night of Art. New Years Eve at the Falls is a stretch, but at least Livestock has locals!


This year, the festival will partner with Market Niagara, hosting 16 artisan and craft-art vendors for the duration of the weekend.
Market Niagara started this summer and has drawn crowds to the beautiful parking lot at Taps on Queen.


Project Share will be setting up a POP-UP art gallery during the festival. Art on display has been donated by a number of local artists that will be put up for silent-auction. 100% of the proceeds will go to Project Share of Niagara Falls.


You all know that Livestock takes place at Taps on Queen. You all know that Taps is a brewery, right? Livestock Niagara has teamed up with the brewery to create a special liquid treat for all you festival go-ers. This year, the festival will be introducing their own craft beer: Livestock Lager and Rooster Red Ale.
Is a ride home included in the cost of admission?

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Went last year? Thought that was good enough? Well it’s not.
Just because you saw Blind Mule, Eli & the Strawman, Flat 5, The Kerouacs, Road Waves, Knife the Wolf, Fath Moth, The KAC Himself, Street Pharmacy & Ol’ Child last year doesn’t mean this is the same ol’ time as last year – we hope!


This year St. Thomas’ The Matadors return to Niagara. This is a big deal I think. We checked their Facebook page and if you haven’t heard, they’re the ‘world’s greatest Horrorbilly band.’ Pretty big deal. They’ve been rocking since the mid 90s, and while we’re pretty sure they haven’t even performed since 2017, they probably haven’t missed a step.


The first two years of the festival cost Guirguis three months salary each year. Now the festival is at a point where it’s sustainable. That may be because the entire festival is operated by a crew of less than 10 people.
The festival is heading in a direction where it will be a destination point with camping in the future.
This WILL be the last year the event takes place on Queen St.

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