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Long Awaited….Still Waiting

Long Awaited….Still Waiting

By Zoe Adams

“What are we…? We are a four-piece hardcore band from the glorious Garden City,” said Darion Irwin of Monologues. “We dabble in whatever we feel like. When we’re writing, we base everything off the drums. Dalton writes something and Alex beefs it up with some tone,” Darion laughed. “Liam figures his bass shit out, and I basically take forever to write lyrics. That’s why the EP’s called Long Awaited… because it took so fucking long.”

Darion Irwin, Dalton Kuijer, Alex Wilsher and Liam Proctor have been working hard the last few months to put out their five song EP.

“Timur recommended Davis to record Long Awaited… probably because of the job he did on ISM’s EP. We basically messaged Davis asking him for an estimate, and then he came to see us play. He got pretty stoked. So we started recording with him, which was hard because of our shitty schedules. It took us like three weeks.”

Clearly, everyone in the band felt more than okay with Davis recording their EP.

“It was sick recording at the space. Getting to see Without jam with Josh Cass screaming along was by far one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.”

Once the masters were returned, everything seemed good to go with Monologues. Their Long Awaited EP would finally drop online, as well at their September EP release show. But the universe had other plans.

“Alex messaged us saying something was wrong. He found a lump the size of a quarter on his body, and he was hospitalized when we were supposed to play. We still went out to the show though, and Alex is doing well now. He played a show in Toronto with us, and that was good.”

Though Monologues wasn’t able to play their release show, they posted Long Awaited online for your listening pleasure.

“We do have an EP still. It’s free on the internet. The art direction was done by Alex Pak, so you should check that out. He basically listened to the lyrics and thought about designing the art. He got the idea about what it should look like by thinking about mortality.

“The EP was written because basically I was in one of those times. Nothing could pull me up. I was just thinking about how impermanent life is and how death is inevitable. I’m still struggling with the idea that eternal life is in your own mind. A lot of the songs are kind of about that if you listen to the lyrics.”

With Monologues’ first EP under their belt, plans are in motion for their next project.

“We’re thinking of buying an 8 track demo recording thing. We want to do one song split into four, like a concept album. I was thinking of basing it off of this book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. The book itself has about twenty topics. We’ll choose between some like love, religion, pain and death.”

Darion also finds inspiration for lyrics from random encounters with strangers and their life stories.

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“One day outside of Sitel at Timmies, there was this guy who looked kind of homeless. He had the scruffy beard and the dirty clothes. He asked me for change, but I didn’t have any. I offered to give him the change I got back after I went inside.

“When I came out, we ended up talking about how he had an aneurysm. A weird thing was he kept asking if he was being polite. He had notes written all over his hands reminding him to do stuff throughout the day.

“He had a job but lost it because of his aneurysm, and now his kids don’t really talk to him. Anyways we spoke for a while. By the end of it he said that this conversation made him feel better than any doctor’s appointment had.”

Finding yourself can sometimes be a lifelong experiment made even harder when you’re simultaneously trying to find yourself as a band.

“Writing is chaotic. I think we’ll always be finding ourselves. To experiment is to really find your sound. I like bands like Thrice because every album is a different genre. We basically write like whatever we’re all listening to at the time.”

Monologues have some non-music related business to take care of in their future.

“Alex was saying that we don’t want to play many shows until we get new gear, except for the Halloween Show. We’ve been looking to tour, but none of us have our licence. We don’t have the skill or equipment to tour at the moment.”

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