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Local Artist Finds His Cosmic Cognizance

Local Artist Finds His Cosmic Cognizance

By Chris Illich

What started as a vision in the clouds over Lake Ontario while walking his dog in January 2012, has now turned into a new business project for 41-year-old St. Catharines artist Dylan Bond.

“It was like a circuit running through my brain and all these circles overlapped in my mind, so I went home and drew it. A few weeks later I saw the same circle on a ‘recommended YouTube’ page and from there I started learning about sacred geometry,” said Bond.

“It can tell you all the secrets of the universe if you know what you’re looking at.”

Using just a compass and ruler with ink or paint on paper or a canvas, Bond has been creating “flower-of-life” mandala’s inspired by sacred geometry. He enjoys the therapeutic and meditative focus that the creations provide for him. He creates them under the business name Cosmic Cognizance.

“To both create and colour the images it gives your mind a break from whatever else you’re worrying about for a few hours at a time,” he said.

He started out by selling canvasses at the local shop Higher Society. He explained that when he dropped off the first one, it sold before he made it home. Bond kept with it, and was offered art shows at Coffee Culture and created 20 pieces for Strega’s Art Under Glass. The response inspired him to carry on in his creations, including making custom t-shirts (which he has sold roughly 50 of) and other products.

You can find his creations in his colouring books titled “Colouring book (2014)” and “Colouring book 2 (2015)” (which have sold nearly 150 copies), on his stickers, or even adding vibrancy to the outside wall of Coffee Culture in downtown St. Catharines on St. Paul St. – something that granted him attention from locals and the media, as he was featured on the cover of The St. Catharines Standard.

“It was really neat painting on that wall. I had never painted a mural on a wall before,” Bond recalled. “When I was approached by John Fulton I offered to donate a piece, but I thought it would take me an afternoon, because they usually take me about five or six hours. This was way longer, it took me about 40 hours over a week and a half, but it was worth it, I got a lot of complements for it.”

His work attempts to highlight the inter-connectivity of all points, things and people. It suggests the cosmology of the universe within its geometric representation.

“Hopefully when people look at it, it will set something off in their mind. It’s the underpinning of everything to do with everything in a very big way,” he said.

“Once a person’s soul recognizes it, they will view it as something very familiar to them.”

Bond’s Cosmic Congnizance can be found at Forget Me Not Cards and Gifts, Craft Arts Market & The Spiritual Spa.


The Sound is doing a colouring contest! Colour your own “flower-of-life” mandala and then take a picture and send it on Instagram to @thesoundstc with the hashtag #coscogz or by email at receives a Cosmic Cognizance prize pack: Colouring Book (2014), Colouring Book 2 (2015), Buttons, and stickers! Contest ends Feb 29, 2016

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