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A Front Porch Conversation With Members of Without

A Front Porch Conversation With Members of Without

By Zoe Adams


“Social media is really changing the way bands interact overall,” said Tyler Dupuis of Without. “It’s crazy to me that that’s how things are. I think we knew we had songs good enough to play at a show without using Facebook.”

Dupuis sat down on the stairs of his front porch. “People always out themselves on Facebook. Most of the time when bands post, it has nothing to do with music. They use Facebook as a way to ‘connect’ but it’s really just allowing them to disappear.”

Most bands today work on their social media presence, because promoters demand it.

Dupuis explained, “We’re totally excited to be playing out of the area, though we don’t really have a big social media presence. The problem with that is getting your name out there. Promoters want you to be on Facebook, but we don’t want it to be our main focus as a band.”

Though Facebook is sometimes key for communication and organization, there are more substantial ways to connect. Dupuis’ focus is less social media, more music.

“To be able to create content that allows us to connect and break the fourth wall is amazing, and it carries on with new inspiration, pushing things forward.”

K.C. Floyd added, “Bands might have a crazy social media presence and following, but it all comes down to what happens in the studio, when you actually get to be a musician. Who’s going to just talk it or who’s gonna walk it. If you’re an impossible person, you can’t be in a band.”

“We have such a patriotic view of this area that breathes good music,” said Dupuis. “We are all aspiring to do things, pushing things forward. If you’re inspired by it, let us know. We want everyone to know we are more than a band.”
Dupuis continued, “We playfully push each other and raise the stakes. It’s great to get a band together that’s comfortable in their shoes. When you have that you are able to make a statement, like Attack in Black did.”

Without has been a band for just over a year, and already their sound is refined. Each song is completely sure of itself.

“We have the opportunity to jam with so many good bands in one space, and we’ve never been so creatively sharp,” Dupuis explained. “It helps that we flow nicely together and are able to give positive constructive criticism when needed.”

“We don’t get on each others’ nerves,”Andrew Grierson, one of the band’s guitarists, interjected.

“We all just try to serve the sound when we approach the song,” said Floyd.
At this point, Dupuis discussed the darker side of inspiration.

“The writing process can be so focused at times. I’m inspired when I’m feeling pissed off or hopeless about the world. Things like over population, the lack of women rights, racism, and how those things affect co-mingling in the scene. And the best way to talk about those things is through music.”

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Dupuis continued, “It’s nice to be able to make a song that relates to your hometown, whether that be about anxieties or paranoia.

“We are at a point in our lives where we are seeing the world turn out in a way we never thought it would. But there can be no meaning to music without suffering, so we use it.”

Without’s EP’s were both recorded by the band’s own drummer Davis Maxwell.
“Recording with Davis is great,” said Dupuis, “because if you fuck up he makes you feel funny about it. He records for pretty much everyone. Senegal’s stuff is sounding really cool. Paul Senior is amazing. He recorded for Monologues, Wild Side… uh, ISM. His experience really helped us define our sound.”

“It’s friends that help the most. Maybe they’re not musicians, but if you believe in someone, you want to support them. And, it’s in our best interest to see other people excel too. If we can help them in any way we’re going to continue to do that.”

“And you gotta take risks. You want to have a grim image you know? Alex Pak (visual artist) did a great job designing album work for us.”
Many great bands have emerged from St. Catharines over the years, proof that the local music scene is kickin’.

“St. Catharines is completely underrated. People focus on Toronto so much, they want to reach out and play shows there. Why can’t people from Toronto reach out to us?” Dupuis wondered.

“It’s a lifestyle, we interact with other musicians,” Floyd added.
What’s up next for Without? Well, you probably won’t find out from Facebook.

“We start demoing next month. We’re putting out a physical release. I like noise music because it doesn’t have structural shit. It forces you to project your own mental image on things. I would like to have some of that in our music. Tragedy and chaos. We are always dealing with some form of it.”

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