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A Niagara Wine and Dining Experience Like No Other

A Niagara Wine and Dining Experience Like No Other

By Jonathan Belgrave

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The Niagara Region is known for wine tours, culinary expertise and a growing haven for exceptional culture in Ontario, Canada and Worldwide. This past June, Southbrook Vineyards revamped their Farmers’ Table dining experience and made it the new Oak Room Dinner Series.

At their iconic Niagara-on-the-Lake vineyard and winery at 581 Niagara Stone Rd. you will find a unique dining experience that will not only surprise you but leave you with a new-found appreciation for what it means to dine locally.
Jaywalk was invited to experience the first the Oak Room Series by Executive Chef Shaun Murphy on June 18, 2015. We learnt that Murphy painstakingly creates a new and original menu for this one night a month culinary tasting based on Southbrook’s philosophy of “local and sustainable practices.” Southbrook not only sources their food within the Niagara Region, but have elevated the bar and grow their own food in their vineyard in an organic environment as well.

In an Oak Room Dinner you will experience five different wines along with a four course meal. All expertly paired and explained no matter your level of wine-food pairing expertise. With a limit of fourteen seats per month, the cozy environment will have you relaxed and satisfied. Chris and Gabriela Fuccillo, Owners of Niagara Vintage Wine Tours commented that “unlike other wine-food pairings, [Southbrook] has made this tasting experience into one that is completely satisfying and opens you up to the flavours of Niagara.”

August 20 is the next Oak Room Series Dinner featuring the first Vegetarian Dinner. “With so many fruits and vegetables currently in season, Chef Shawn has created a menu that is sure to [please] carnivores and herbivores alike,” mentions Southbrook’s Events Page.

To register for an Oak Room Dinner Series experience, visit or call 1-888-581-1581.

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