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An Interview with Spenny from Kenny Vs. Spenny

An Interview with Spenny from Kenny Vs. Spenny

 So basically to start off, what have you been up to these days? Well, I do a number of things; I have a sex advice column for a newspaper, which is thinly disguised as a “sex advice column,” when really it’s just a comedy piece. I do that for the Windsor Independent. I do about three different live shows on the College/University circuit. Sex Toy Bingo being one, another is sort of what we call “Edutainment” with Sean Evans from the Bachelorette, which is a sexual awareness lecture that we try to keep funny and entertaining with lots of prizes. And, I do the music thing, which I guess is why you are calling. As well as a couple of other things that escape my mind. Oh, and Kenny vs. Spenny live, of course.

So, it seems like your pretty busy. What’s it like to know that you are able to do all these things because of something you had done in the past with the show? I’m happy, I’m grateful to be busy and yeah it’s all good. It certainly helps. I mean the exposure you get from TV, I mean, we were on for seven years basically; it really helps to bring people to the events who might normally not come if they didn’t know who I was. So, I’m extremely grateful for that. I went through hell, in a sense, doing that series, that I feel tremendously happy that it’s over. At the end of the day, it gets your foot in the door. You still have to perform, but it gives me a leg up over other people who might be as talented, or even more talented, just to have that exposure.

Like you said, that show took you to hell and back. What were your favourite moments from being on the show? Really, very few. Obviously winning at competitions and getting to humiliate Kenny was fun. But by-and-large the show was a very sadistic show, and I was the focus of a lot of the sadism. So, it wasn’t a lot of fun to do, but the work stands on its own as a pretty ridiculous reality/comedy; I’m very proud of that. It’s paid dividends in different ways. Creativly, I think it’s a pretty amazing show and I am happy I did it.

After the show finished you did Single White Spenny and X-Rated. What were those experiences like? Well, Single White Spenny was a complicated situation where I was initially the show runner and they took the show away from me when Shaw bought out CanWest. Then it turned into a scripted show and they hired a show writer from LA. So it was a mixed bag of good and bad things. It was a great experience; I never thought I’d be doing scripted comedy but there I was doing it.

X-Rated has ostensibly been buried. It was a documentary series; some of my best work, it’s incredible because of the premise of it. It was a documentary series and the network was afraid of losing their CRTC license, so they basically buried it. I have the original and the rights go back to me, so I don’t know how anyone is ever going to see it, but it is amazing.

Was that your jumping ground into what you do now with the sex column and the talks? No, no. X-rated was a documentary series about a guy trying to break a sexual world record for real and it involved escorts, prostitute, and crazy people, all that kind of stuff. The whole premise was such a funny idea. That’s why you will have trouble seeing it anywhere. But it’s amazing, I love it. I used to show pieces of it at some of my bingo shows during the intermission, but I stopped doing that. It’s amazing, trust me; no one will ever see it, but it’s amazing. That’s just show biz.

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I was scrolling through your Facebook feed. It seems like, as a celebrity, you have that mixed bag of people that love you and people that hate you. How do you deal with that? Well, I have had some haters but most of them are just channelling Kenny, but, when I actually reach out to them, they are actually fans of the show and love me. Some people actually hate me but that comes with the territory with doing what I do. It’s been going on for years.

So, that being said what are some of the weirdest experiences you have had with fans? It’s mostly very positive. I’m in a very funny position in that project because I am the victim; I’m kind of the good guy. In the old days in wrestling, for example, the “good guy” was the hero. In today’s twisted world, the “good guy” is sort of the “lame guy,” so I get a certain amount of abuse. In the live shows I fight back and it’s rather entertaining. I don’t take any of it very seriously. In fact, I kind of like the role, but I think I have ever only had two truly negative experiences, which is amazing considering when you read the stuff that’s on my Facebook page, you would think there would be a lot more. But people are very nice and very cool.

We are moving into the end of the year, so what are you up to in 2017? You just never know, there’s always projects. I have a comic book coming out.  We have and A-list artist, Tony Grey, who does Spider-man and Batman, he works for DC and Marvel and we are doing an underground comic with my manager and friend, Tony Lee, who’s the XXX hypnotist. It’s sort of a throwback to the old independent underground comic. I am pretty excited about it actually.
Spenny performs live at Taps on Queen on Dec. 17 [S]

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