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Another Trip Around For Stereo Sunrise

Another Trip Around For Stereo Sunrise

With their fourth EP set to be released this May, after six years Stereo Sunrise have figured out their sound.

“On the last recording, Wait For It, we really started to develop our style, but on this record we’ve become really close to locking something in,” said guitarist Pierro Montemurro.

Montemurro and guitarist/vocalist Justin Koetsier explained that everything changed for the band when they decided to work with Producer Andre Kaden Black for their upcoming Self Titled EP.

“We didn’t really know anything about working with a producer or what we would were going to pay all this money for. But, he went through the process of how he does things and we knew it would be a great experience,” said Koetsier. “We started with eight writing sessions where we showed him about ten songs, then we picked the four we liked best and ripped them apart and put them back together again.”

Right before they started working with Black, drummer Mark Hoerdt joined the fold, which “was the feel that we were missing – a drummer can direct a style,” said Montemurro.

With Hoerdt playing catch up, the band rehearsed their material and went to Jukasa Studios to lay down the bass and drums with Black and engineer Tal Vaisman, and then finished the record at The Cube in Toronto.

“It was an experience. We didn’t get too far ahead of ourselves. We went through the steps and focused on getting the material right. It took a lot longer than we wanted it to, but in the end we’re really proud of this record,” said Koetsier.

The EP showcases a blend of songs that represent the 90s alternative rock ‘n’ roll style that the band founded themselves on. The only difference this time around is that the songs are polished and flow seamlessly together. They ebb and flow, moving from catchy hooks to intricate guitar lines all while backed by a steady rhythm section and a concept that gives bigger meaning to the songs themselves.

“When we released our previous records, we were just giving them away to people. We weren’t that confident about them,” said Koetsier. “I think that’s the major shift here. When we support this album, we can be proud of it. I think this one will break through the barrier.”

“This whole album is centered around addiction, but without coming out and really saying it.”

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Said the Villian
‘She’s a rebel and she’s coming to war.’
“This song talks about being stuck with your addictions and that breaking point you need to have to get through it.”

The Needle Cries
‘Sat you down while he lent you a spoon.’
“This song is about the culture of opiates and how it fucks your life over, but for some reason, people think it’s kind of cool. It becomes a social thing that has that pull on you, but it’s a terrible situation to end up in.”

Growing Older
‘It’s my life and I’m taking over.’
“It’s about getting a hold of your life. If you don’t establish systems in your life it can just grow too wide and can get a bit hairy.”

Nobody Left
‘There’s nobody left to call and stay on the phone with.’
“People that wrestle with addiction often find that they have noone left in their lives, no one left to talk to anymore.“

Stereo Sunrise release their EP on May 25 at the Warehouse with support from Barbarosa.

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