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Better Late than Never, The Lucky Ones Release Their Third Album

Better Late than Never, The Lucky Ones Release Their Third Album

For fans, five years is a long time to wait. But, I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again, it’s always Better Late Than Never!. St. Catharines punk/good-time rock ‘n’ roll band The Lucky Ones are poised to release their third album on September 1. The album is a collection of 14 tunes, some recorded for tribute compilations, some recorded with a Japanese drummer (Shohei of Samurai Attack), some just pure punk rock anthems. The album ranges in scope and size, there’s the playful “Matty’s Gonna Play Pop Songs”, and others that will ultimately end up on soundtracks for major motion Tv shows “Old School Punk Rockers” (Orphan Black). We had the chance to catch up with Rob Passero ‘Knuckles’ to talk about the upcoming release.

So to start off. It’s been five years – in today’s market that’s a long time to release new music to fans. What took so long?

I guess we hit a point after the second record (Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock) that our lives got real. Our producer’s career took off, but we were going through marriages, children, career changes and all that. So, with all that being said, it was really difficult to get this record out when we wanted to, which would have been a year or two ago.

So you’ve been working on this album for a couple of years now?

Well, we did a couple of songs with Shoehei from Samaurai Attack a really successful Japanese punk band. They were doing solo albums a la Kiss and he reached out to us to back him up. We also got approached to do tribute songs for the Vindictives and the Dropkick Murphys. Maybe we weren’t putting out records, but we were getting interest from other facets too, including television and films.

A lot of bands take stake in being up on stage. The Lucky Ones have been able to play festivals and share stages with more than a handful of notable acts. Is it important to branch out in these ways?

I think you always want to be up on the stage. But these days it’s hard to be on the road. I don’t think that the modern day musician is as care free anymore – everyone has a job, everyone has to live. If you’re lucky enough to go and tour, embrace it, go with it, but most people have to figure out other ways to live. Most of us have been playing in bands for 20 years. We’ve played in dingy bars, we’ve played house shows, we’ve slept on couches. It’s not like we’re new pups on the block.

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With every release, bands have expectations on it. Where do you see this record taking you?

This is a record for the fans and if we get new fans that’s great.. Would I like this record to take us on the road everyday? A small part of me would say yes, but I like life too. Life is a journey. It’s not all about being a musician all the time anymore, its about other things too, but music will always be a big part of my life.

The Lucky Ones release Better Late Than Never! on September 16 at the Warehouse.

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