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Bombing Niagara

Bombing Niagara

As the weather finally warms and we are teased with sunshine, it’s time we shed winter and awaken. The birds are beginning to chirp, flurries and flashes of colour again fill the skies. The grey slush is being replaced by lawns of yellow, while green is beginning to peak it’s nose – from branches, on stems, or bursting from the still-semi-frozen ground.

You can finally feel spring is coming and, as our grandmothers taught us. April showers bring May flowers.

Wild flowers are more than a perfume on the wind or a moment of contemplation; flowers are more than the gift of beauty they possess and freely share. For while flowers may be food for our soul, they are an essential aspect of a healthy and diverse ecosystem. Native, wild plants and flowers are a key component to pollinator health – and while many issues in today’s world have multiple solutions, the answer to encouraging wild flower growth in Niagara is simple.

Mark your calendars Niagara: May 1st we are seed bombing.

What is a seed bomb, you may ask? It is a combination of nutrients essential for healthy germination that also protect the seeds through the process. Basically, using clay, soil, and/or compost, you create a ball. sprinkle in some seeds and you have a seed bomb. By creating biodegratable and nutrient rich vessels, you increase the chances that the seeds will root in the ground and grow into pollinator-attracting flowers wherever you throw it.

That’s right; no digging, no sore back or knees, just a toss where you want to see the wildflowers blooming.

How do you get involved in Guerilla Gardening and Seed Bombing?

That’s the beauty of guerilla gardening – you just do it. Backyards, vacant lots, railway and hydro corridors. Anywhere and everywhere you’d like to see native, wild plants. We’d love to see groups join in particularly children; together, let’s sow the seeds of the future.

Small Scale Farms will be holding workshops on how to build you own bombs, just check out their Facebook page for details or to contact them directly. You’ll even find directions for how to build your own bombs.

May 1st, help Small Scale Farms grow thousands of giant, heirloom sunflowers across Niagara for bees and other pollinators.

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