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Can you spot the Trainwreck From The Rooftop?

Can you spot the Trainwreck From The Rooftop?

Charles J. Hunk is back at In the Soil Festival this year with The Trainwreck. The band recorded a 10 track album in 2017 with producer, Joe Lapinski, which they hope to release this summer. “We did all 10 in 8 hours” says frontman, Charles J. Hunk, “old school country, no overdubs, all live-off-the-floor, just mic the room, mic the drums, and bang them out, if you made a mistake, just stop and start it again. I hope people get to hear it someday soon, because it’s really good.”

While the album awaits launch, the Trainwreck have been playing shows and writing new material. “The new stuff that’s coming out,” says Hunk, “it’s similar, but some of it’s a little more personal, some of it’s a little more ridiculous. They say write what you know – that’s the only thing I know how to write about – you know the last fifty miles of my life, I don’t write about things I don’t understand, I write about things that I know, things that have happened.”

One of their newest tunes is called ‘No Matter’, which is a reflection on the passing of a highschool friend. “It got me thinking,” says Hunk, “about how as you get older, you never see your old friends until somebody gets married or somebody dies. So I wrote this song reaching out to all the people that I’ve known my whole life and still matter to me, just letting them know I’m always here: you want to grab a drink, you want to have a laugh, let’s get together.”

Favourite ITS moment: seeing Rheostatics at the Hub circa 2017.

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CJH’s picks for this year at ITS is The Rhyme Runners with DJ Tanner (8:30pm Saturday @ The Hub) and Minuscule (7:30pm Friday @ The Hub).

Catch Charles J. Hunk & The Trainwreck on the NAC Rooftop on Saturday, June 8 at 5pm.

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