Ross Beard: here and (not) gone

Ross Beard’s legacy, as an artist and educator, is still very strong in Welland, and it’s appropriate to talk about his work while doing a writer’s residency, focused on visual arts, in ‘his’ Welland.

History Repeating: We Were Taught Differently at the Welland Museum

The current exhibition at the Welland Historical Museum is both necessary in speaking to an ignored chapter of Canadian history, but also to inform a more considered debate about where ‘we’ are now.

Welland’s Past and Present shows the city’s changing faces

Sandy Fairbairn’s solo exhibition Welland: Times Present Times Past, curated by Bart Gazzola, is a personal, but also very public, history of Welland. James Takeo offers a response.

Painting Physically: Evolving Legacies

Evolving Legacies features three artists (Matt Bahen, Cynthia Chapman and Kyle Clements) who work in very different, yet also very similar ways, negotiating responses to modernism.

Erica Sherwood: ..far from prison that’s where I long to be..

Erica Sherwood’s exhibition of painterly photographs is both visually interesting but also offers sites of contemplation and consideration.

Sacred Spaces: ‘…what dreams may come…’

acred Spaces, currently on display at the VISA Gallery at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, is about ‘understanding emotional vulnerability and self reflection, while unpacking the human need for comfort.’ Kaitlyn Roberts and Chardon Trimble-Kirk offer a number of works in this show.

Imagined Urban Gardens

Imagined Urban Gardens is an exhibition of works by Brock Students that offers both positive, and more edged, responses, ‘dreaming of green spaces and pleasantly warm cities.’

Painting Modernity

Modern Masters at the Gallery at 13th Street Winery is a large, diverse show that explores both the successes and failures of painting within a primarily abstract framework.

Opaque and Obtuse: more light than heat

more light than heat is an exhibition that fails to offer the necessary context for the ideas to be fully communicated, with formal andd conceptual issues.

Interpretations and Iterations

Translations, an invitational photography exhibition, in the VISA Gallery at MIWSFPA, features works by students working in analogue, experimental and digital processes, as selected by Professor Amy Friend.