Evolving Environments: Janny Fraser

Janny Fraser is a Welland based artist whose works have been exhibited around Niagara, and incorporate diverse materials and ideas of place, space and history.

Willow Winter Works

The Willow Arts Community presents their Winter Arts Exhibition at Rodman Hall. This is the latest in their community oriented arts initiatives, but how will this survive Brock’s plans for Rodman Hall?

This is Not the Answer: Brock University plans to sell Rodman Hall

Brock University is on the verge of announcing their plan to seek a buyer / developer for Rodman Hall and have all staff and artworks removed by the end of December 2019, several sources report.

Broadening The Audience

Showcasing the expansion of programming at the PAC.

Ephemeral Architecture: Natalie Hunter at RHAC

Natalie Hunter’s solo exhibition at Rodman Hall is an installation that plays with light and form, and responds to the unique Hansen Gallery.

Us and Everything: Carl Beam

Carl Beam: Us and Everything is a selection of works by one of the most significant Indigenous artists of the later 20th century, on display at the Performing Arts Centre through the work of St. Catharines Culture and Justus Duntsch.

All the world’s a stage: Montmollin’s Dreams, Delusions, and Other Traffic Circles

Gabrielle de Montmollin’s artwork is both absurd and alluring, and her series Dreams, Delusions and Other Traffic Circles is an example of her extensive and engaging lens based work.

Mural Making Magic

This past December you may have noticed the plethora of beautiful blue, white and purple…

A Place To Stand

Heather Hart’s Northern Oracle at Rodman Hall offers a site for interaction and speaking that is both historical and personal.

Subtlety and Depth: June-Etta Chenard

June-Etta Chenard’s work is both aesthetically and conceptually evocative, and she’s the focus of the latest artist feature in The Sound.