The Past Powers Niagara

Two exhibitions currently on display in Niagara explore the industrial legacy of the region, through image and memory.

Meet me at the Curtain Call

An new installation of artwork in the public sphere in downtown St. Catharines by Lilly Otašević blends formal elegance and historical relevance.

From local to national: Walker Industries Art Competition at the Pumphouse

The Walker Industries Art Competition 2019 offers a variety of works by artists both from Niagara and further afield. Several artists offer visually engaging works, in diverse media.

[Un]Familiar Territory

“St. Catharines has certainly changed a lot” is a common statement around Niagara these days.…

Intent and Accidents: Arnie McBay

Arnie McBay’s work is contradictory, an ‘argument’ between ‘signs’ with a surrendering to process that manifest in both drawn and digital images. He’s the focus of our latest artist feature at The Sound.

[re]making her [stories]: Carolyn Wren

Carolyn Wren’s massive retrospective Task at Hand, curated by Marcie Bronson, is an exhibition that is both visually and conceptually enticing.

Open Secrets: Carrie Perreault’s period of adjustment

Carrie Perreault’s solo exhibition period of engagement is both a difficult and engaging body of work that blends the personal and the opaque, at NAC.

Centre and Periphery: place defines / deforms history

Curator Asta McCann curates Centre and Periphery at the Riverbrink Art Museum, exploring the urban / rural split in the works of the Group of Seven, revisiting historical facts and fictions about the iconic painters.

‘Get the good grit up in your teeth’: your intrepid #artcriticfromhell’s guide to #inthesoilfest2019

Your intrepid #artcriticfromhell offers his annual guide to the In the Soil Arts Festival in early June.

Between A Rock and A Green Place

On May 9, Niagara artist and sculptor unveiled his latest work, Niagara Straight, which can be found in front of the Bontanical Garden and Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls.