A Place To Stand

Heather Hart’s Northern Oracle at Rodman Hall offers a site for interaction and speaking that is both historical and personal.

Subtlety and Depth: June-Etta Chenard

June-Etta Chenard’s work is both aesthetically and conceptually evocative, and she’s the focus of the latest artist feature in The Sound.

A Movement of Markets

Please make it one of your end-of-year commitments or new year’s resolutions to check out…

Up Close and In Motion (faraway, so close)

An examination, looking backwards and forwards, of Up Close and In Motion; a year long exploration of the collection of Rodman Hall Art Centre.

Lucia Lakatos: between fauna and feeling

Lucia Lakatos’s mixed media works at Beechwood Donuts explore assumptions and contradictions about human / animal relations in terms of larger social and environmental issues.

Abstract City Hall

Abstract City Hall was just installed at St. Catharines City Hall and offers both a unique impression of the city as well as a good example of the artistic and social intiatives of the Willow Arts Community.

We Are Fiction Non Fiction

The November artist feature focuses on Avery Mikolič- O’Rourke’s aesthetic of image and time: I talk to him about his work and past musical, visual and interdisciplinary projects.

Site and Motion

Motion | The 2018 City of St. Catharines Annual Juried Exhibit opened at St. Catharines City Hall this Fall and its a mix of works of different styles and ideas, and the art resonates outside the building with events in the larger community.

Bolder than expected

The latest iteration of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery’s Biannual exhibition is a much bolder exhibition than expected, with artists both familiar and new, that merits multiple visits.

Alexandra Sandison’s nomade

Alexandra Sandison’s exhibition nomade is a good introduction to the latest visual artist highlighted in our ongoing artist’s features in The Sound.