Culture Days 2020: virtual but vital

St. Catharines Culture Days 2020, once you look at the many events and activities on offer, looks to be one of the more exciting Culture Days itineraries, despite COVID 19 We offer a teaser here.

The Fight for Fair Labour Standards at Brock

Throughout the past year, the Fight for $15 & Fairness – Niagara chapter has been working with students, professors, and campus groups to demand/ask/advocate Brock University to establish policies and procedures that ensure a minimal standard of $15 minimum wage for all workers.

Nevermind the Cannibal Girls: Nomadic Cinema on the NAC Terrace

The Nomadic Cinema on the TCO Rooftop Terrace at Niagara Artist Centre is a way to both nourish yourself and support them during these COVID days. NAC will be screening an eclectic selection of films, with food and fun on the menu.

A Eulogy for Rodman Hall

Rodman Hall Art Centre closed with the COVID pandemic, but is likely to never re open. This is more so a culmination of Brock University’s ‘demolition through neglect’ than anything caused by COVID. Some final thoughts on the saga of this soon to be lost site of culture and history in Niagara.

Ross Beard: here and (not) gone

Ross Beard’s legacy, as an artist and educator, is still very strong in Welland, and it’s appropriate to talk about his work while doing a writer’s residency, focused on visual arts, in ‘his’ Welland.

Welland’s Past and Present shows the city’s changing faces

Sandy Fairbairn’s solo exhibition Welland: Times Present Times Past, curated by Bart Gazzola, is a personal, but also very public, history of Welland. James Takeo offers a response.

OPIRG Brock Needs Your Help

The ‘Keep OPIRG Brock Alive’ Campaign is using as many options as possible to work towards sustained funding sources.

Climate Action: An Antidote to Climate Dispair

Lost in the hum of everyday life, we can sometimes forget how dire the climate crisis has become.

Can Men Sit on a Women’s Committee?

The starting point for dialogue is mutual respect: something which has long been lacking from Niagara regional council.

Just Save a Life

Many of us have had the experience of feeling helpless in the face of what seems an impossible situation: homelessness.