Ross Beard: here and (not) gone

Ross Beard’s legacy, as an artist and educator, is still very strong in Welland, and it’s appropriate to talk about his work while doing a writer’s residency, focused on visual arts, in ‘his’ Welland.

Welland’s Past and Present shows the city’s changing faces

Sandy Fairbairn’s solo exhibition Welland: Times Present Times Past, curated by Bart Gazzola, is a personal, but also very public, history of Welland. James Takeo offers a response.

OPIRG Brock Needs Your Help

The ‘Keep OPIRG Brock Alive’ Campaign is using as many options as possible to work towards sustained funding sources.

Climate Action: An Antidote to Climate Dispair

Lost in the hum of everyday life, we can sometimes forget how dire the climate crisis has become.

Can Men Sit on a Women’s Committee?

The starting point for dialogue is mutual respect: something which has long been lacking from Niagara regional council.

Just Save a Life

Many of us have had the experience of feeling helpless in the face of what seems an impossible situation: homelessness.

Now’s the Time to Become a Housing Hero

On November 22, Bethlehem Housing and Support Services launched their new Housing Hero campaign at the Warehouse.