Suicide Prevention in Niagara: One Year Later

Emily Spanton recently had the opportunity to talk with Terra Turonski, who’s son Tanner very publicly lost his battle with mental illness last year.

Bombs and Bodies: an alternate reading of Wren’s War Map Dress Trilogy

Carolyn Wren’s installation War Map Dress Trilogy, part of her larger retrospective at Rodman Hall Art Centre, offers a more political, and more disturbing commentary on our current political and social climate than might initially be considered. We offer a darker response to this very charged piece, in this brief return to the exhibition.

Experience Culture Days Niagara 2019

Culture Days 2019 is soon upon us, and you have a variaty of options for both experiencing and experimenting, at several venues. We offer a brief guide for this year’s Culture Days events.

What About Rodman Hall? A Fall Update

It’s been an eventful Summer between Brock University and Rodman Hall, with many changes in their ‘relationship.’ The Sound offers an update and information on this ongoing saga.

Prime Minister Pinocchio

There’s an old Irish saying: ‘you can watch a thief, but you can’t watch a…

Thoughts and Prayers Don’t Put Out Fires

Your thoughts and prayers aren’t going to do shit to help put out fires, curb climate change/global warming, improve the state of our political reality, or get me a pet unicorn that can shit rainbows. Here’s what you can do that will actually help the only home we have.

LGBTQ+ In the City: Understanding the Transgender Community

In this month’s LGBTQ+ In the City, Falynn interviewed two transgender individuals to hear their thoughts on a few subjects.

LGBTQ+ In The City: Queer Representation on Netflix

I know most of you have a Netflix account. And if you don’t, I know…

Single Taken Complicated: August 2019

Hello, my pretties, It’s sunny and beautiful and outrageously hot but I’m suspicious. Call it…

Exile or Revolution

Throughout the 1980’s, there was a punk movement in the DDR (East Germany). The British…