On Alcohol: Part One

We oft think of the invention of the wheel as the pivotal moment in human…

Please Stop Calling Them ‘Conservatives’

There is a difference between a right-winger and a conservative. A right-winger supports causes of…

Single Taken Complicated: July 2019

Hello, my pretties, It’s officially summer and things are really starting to heat up here…

LGBTQ+ In The City: Whatzername

The Summer is here and what goes better with the summer than new music for…

Single, Taken, Complicated: June 2019

Hello, my pretties, I so often write about love in this column: finding love, keeping…

LGBTQ+ In the City: Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

To celebrate Pride, some local people from the LGBTQ+ community shared what Pride meant to them.

Bird On A Wire

An older man walked into the drop-in I volunteer at. He had a towel wrapped around his left forearm and hand…

‘Get the good grit up in your teeth’: your intrepid #artcriticfromhell’s guide to #inthesoilfest2019

Your intrepid #artcriticfromhell offers his annual guide to the In the Soil Arts Festival in early June.

(De)constructing Barriers

Niagara Regional Council has voted to create a $4 million dollar barrier on the Burgoyne Bridge.

Gut, Brain, Earth: Nature Therapy FTW

Spring is springing, and ‘tis the season for all you winter hermits to finally get outside.