An Autopsy for Rodman Hall

Brock University has announced that Rodman Hall Art Centre is sold, to a developer, and that the collection is to be transferred to Rodman Hall Art Centre, Inc. We offer an in depth response to this, challenging the assertions and ideas of this ongoing saga.

A Eulogy for Rodman Hall

Rodman Hall Art Centre closed with the COVID pandemic, but is likely to never re open. This is more so a culmination of Brock University’s ‘demolition through neglect’ than anything caused by COVID. Some final thoughts on the saga of this soon to be lost site of culture and history in Niagara.

Community Wealth and the Post-COVID Economy

If we play our cards right we might not only recover from this pandemic, but come back stronger than we were before.

Rodman Hall: a survey and warning

The City of St. Catharines assembled a Rodman Hall Task Force this past year: an online survey about RHAC can be filled out, until this Monday, April 13, 2020. I offer some reasons why this is important, that are both current and looking back over the past few years.

Is It Time For Canada 2.0?

Shit or get off the pump.

History Repeating: We Were Taught Differently at the Welland Museum

The current exhibition at the Welland Historical Museum is both necessary in speaking to an ignored chapter of Canadian history, but also to inform a more considered debate about where ‘we’ are now.

Welland’s Past and Present shows the city’s changing faces

Sandy Fairbairn’s solo exhibition Welland: Times Present Times Past, curated by Bart Gazzola, is a personal, but also very public, history of Welland. James Takeo offers a response.

Imagined Urban Gardens

Imagined Urban Gardens is an exhibition of works by Brock Students that offers both positive, and more edged, responses, ‘dreaming of green spaces and pleasantly warm cities.’

Will the Senate Break Democracy?

Since Trump’s election in 2016, both citizens and scholars of liberal democracy have beat their hands bloody in an attempt to understand just how such a man could find himself the President of the United States.

The Brexit Files

It’s looking like 2020 is going to be a knock-down drag-out in UK politics.