The Coming Out Monologues

Far too often queer and Trans stories are represented as one homogenous set of images.…

Your City: Your Arts Awards

The 2019 St. Catharines Arts Awards take place on May 3rd, and we offer a teaser about several of the nominees and how culture is capital, both human and otherwise, in the Garden City.

Improv-ing Niagara One Year At A Time

This past March, Niagara comedy troupe Improv Niagara celebrated their first year of engaging audiences through their monthly Improv Fallout event in the Community Room at Mahtay Café.

Ed the Sock Resumes his War on Stupid

Ed the Sock aims to bring back the tier of Canadian media which people can relate to, which looks and sounds like Canada.

Building Around The Team

This March, Essential Collective Theatre and Theatre Aquarius present the world premiere of The Team by Michael Kras.

Broadening The Audience

Showcasing the expansion of programming at the PAC.

This Cause Ain’t No Joke

For the past three years Showtime Comedy and Entertainment have been hosting an annual fundraiser…

Searching For Our Modern Day Robin Hood

The story — or maybe even better, the idea — of Robin Hood is ingrained…

GCP Wants You To Be Their Guest

There are so few texts that were written in the mid-1700s that have seen such…

Henry V Offers A Vital Glimpse Into Our Psyche

Henry V is performed in the Maxwell Studio (formerly known as the Studio Theatre), a…