RPA Hey Hey Hey: #1 An Introduction

Episode 1: An Introduction.

Thompson’s we know more now: experience rendered in mark-making

Bruce Thompson is presenting a new body of work, all about experience and memory in mark making, at Rise Above Restaurant in downtown St. Catharines.

Looking Back: Cuff The Duke

Cuff the Duke got their start straight out of high school – right when Canadian…

The Just Ripe: Pet Nat

There are a number of reasons I am officially “over” winter and the beginning of…

Yeti Yells: Yeti Does Paint Night

Once was Picasso. Once was Leonardo. Now we have Yeti. Haha. Yeti so good at…

Talking Ghosts

“Is there life after death? I want to go out and prove that there is…

An Interview with K. Trevor Wilson

By Chris Illich

Kiko’s Smoothies and Bubble Tea

By Margaret Alkerton