Niagara Roller Derby Meet and Greet

Curious about being part of one of the fastest-growing sports on Earth? Thinking about taking the plunge into roller derby, but want to see it and ask questions in person? This is the time and the place for just that.

Niagara Roller Derby’s New Skater Training Program starts September 2019.

Gain a community, a fitness routine, and a passion all in one inclusive full-contact sport. We’ll help you build your skills in the lead-up to the spring 2020 minimum requirement skills testing and draft. We’re talking learning to skate, stop, hit and fall safely. You’ll earn some bruises—and new pals. We got you.

No experience necessary, we will teach you to skate!

Not interested in skating or being hit? We have a spot for you. We need skaters, refs, non-skating officials, and volunteers!

Come hang out with us!

Want more info? Email us at

October 5 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)