Road Waves w/Gravely James

DOOR: $5
Friday, September 13th, 2019
MAHTAY CAFE | 241 St. Paul Street, St.Catharines, ON

Livestock Niagara presents…

ROAD WAVES (Niagara Falls, ON)

At every show, Road Waves is reaching for the stars and beyond to see what can be found. Although improvising a large portion of the sets and songs increases the possibility of creating unpleasant noises, they accept this risk in an effort to attain a mystical, continually evolving sound, feeling, and emotion that is most difficult to explain. Come and listen to the magic for yourself; accompany them on a wild roller-coaster ride from the macro[universe] to the micro[instruments], looping and spiralling through the vastness of space and time on the melodies of curiosity – their peculiar and idiosyncratic minds constantly unravelling. Feeding off of the energordy from the other half of the stage–the audience–is how they achieve the means to articulate their eccentric musings, in turn reciprocating that energy to create a cyclone of excitement, fun, and freedom of thought and emotion.

GRAVELY JAMES (Niagara Falls, ON)
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Gravely James AKA “Chris Madronich” is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist and wild child born from the steel city of Hamilton and raised on the bays of Port Colborne. His early years in music started as a serious trumpet player performing for many jazz bands in Niagara that would evolve into projects rooted in blues, soul, and rock and roll. After a decade of self-taught guitar combined with the theoretical ear of a trumpet player, Chris has developed into a songwriter and a fearless performer known in Niagara for his energetic persona – Gravely James. Gravely James’ performances are notorious for breaking strings, hard-stomping feet, and aggressive riffs and licks played through a worn out acoustic guitar that refuses to die.

Chris’s style of writing is inspired by themes of travel, dreams, people watching and will almost always have an underlying element of Americana. He has recently participated in the Toronto Blues Society’s “Talent Search” has been a semi-finalist in the “Canadian Songwriting Competition” and has opened for Jack De Keyzer.

October 5 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)

Mahtay Cafe