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Classic Albums XMas

Classic Albums XMas

Do you ever think Rock and Roll is just about self serving needs like the lust of money, woman and consumable narcotics? Well, in Welland there is a group of musicians who push aside those temptations to help raise food and funds for Welland Food Banks every Christmas. On Saturday December 17 the 6th annual Classic Albums Christmas at Little Nashville in downtown Welland takes place. In years past, groups of musicians have formed bands for this one night only show. Albums that have been done at previous shows are a mix bag, ranging from Rage Against the Machine and Refused to Sum 41 and Tom Petty. Kelly Jones one of the organizers guesses there has been at least 32 different musicians that have taken part in the last six years. The last two years have been charity fundraisers and they have raised over $3000 and 350 pounds of food for Welland Area Food banks.

Jones loves the concept of the evening because it is  “one night only.” These bands are created only for this event and people that have never played together take on these albums that everyone enjoys, and the crowd gets plain rowdy when they hear these classic albums. “The B-sides are what people come for, because most cover bands wouldn’t touch these songs, but when do you do the whole album people learn to appreciate those deep cuts,” he said.

This year the crowd will be able to enjoy the Foo Fighters Colour and the Shape, Faith No More’s Greatest Hits and Weezer’s Pinkerton. Last year the event attracted over 200 people and they hope this year will be the same. Jones said they are excited about being at their new location in downtown Welland because Little Nashville is a great live venue but has moved away from live music in the last decade, Jones is thinking this might re-spark the interest in live music in for the venue as well.

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Tickets are $10 at the door or $5 with a donation.

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