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Danny Lamb and the Association Want to See You Smile

Danny Lamb and the Association Want to See You Smile

By Arih Struger-Kalkman

For Danny Lamb, music seems to have always been a major part of his life. In 2010, Lamb was in the popular Niagara on the Lake band, Mrs. Johnston alongside Graham Morley (Pindles), Jay Baty (Theatre Crips), Ky Lamb, and Jason Ashcroft.

More recently, Lamb and his band ‘The Association’ have released a six-track EP, Finding Our Way (2014), and released a single last year. The latest single, Goodbye, was intended to be part of another EP, but plans changed: “I went back into the studio and started recording a bunch of other songs and they started to come out a lot stronger.” As a result, the EP was shelved and Lamb decided to focus on the new songs.

The new songs draw inspiration from Lamb’s work, family, and life experiences. “A couple years ago,” Lamb explains, “I made a challenging decision to move to Toronto and take on a role as a motivational speaker for an organization called ‘WE’ (” The move allowed him to begin working with youth around the world and integrating music into his work. He’s recently teamed up with some writers, Tal Vaisman and Andre Kaden Black, that have influenced his creations: “Over the course of the past couple years, I’ve been surrounded by incredibly talented human beings that have pushed me to be even better and I think that’s why the songs have come alive.”

Released in October, Lamb’s song, See You Smile, is the first product of the new writing partnership. The song is a heavy one for Lamb, focusing on the passing of his grandfather earlier this year. “He had this contagious smile and everyone knew him by his smile,” Lamb explains, “It hit me really hard, and I dealt with his passing the only way I knew how… and wrote this song.” Lamb also describes the planned artwork for the single depicts a face, of which half is Lamb’s and half is his grandfather’s.

Lamb has spent the last year or so recording the new songs, strategizing, and putting the team together. According to Lamb, the ‘team’ is the crucial third element for success in music, along with some business savvy and getting your art to a “certain level”. Talking about his team, which includes his band, The Association, Lamb suggests that “the people in my life allow me to be the best artist I can be.”

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The Association consists of Jay Baty (Theatre Crisp) on guitar, Matt Guarasci (I Got The Girl) on drums, Jason Golden (FourCities) on guitar, and Kaitlin Kuenzig (FourCities) on vocals.

With all the recording, strategizing, planning and team building that went into releasing a new single in October and a new EP in early 2017, Lamb laments on the one drawback: “I’m not playing live as much as I’d like to be; there’s nothing I enjoy more than playing live.” However, this will soon change as the new songs are released, with Lamb hinting at some southern Ontario dates in the spring followed by an East Coast tour.

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