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Dave Allen: In The Soil Arts Festival Feels Like Home

Dave Allen: In The Soil Arts Festival Feels Like Home

By Arih Struger-Kalkman

Dave Allen is a folk singer/songwriter from Barrie, ON, but he is no stranger to St. Catharines and the In The Soil Arts Festival. His former band, Stonetrotter, played the festival in 2015 and 2016, but that’s not all: “prior to Stonetrotter,” says Allen, “while I was at Brock, I was joining in on the fun with a band that I had, Talk In Blue, so I’ve been involved in the festival for 5 or 6 years now”.

After the Stonetrotter bandmates decided to part ways, several members began solo projects. Allen started recording a solo album in July, 2016: “it’s not finished yet, it’s slow-cooking in the crockpot right now… I’m having fun experimenting with different sounds and different instruments.” Allen hopes to complete the record in time for release this fall.

Allen is excited to return to the festival and perform his solo material: “this time I’m coming into it working on my own record – it kind of feels like home.” It will certainly feel like home as Allen will be taking the stage alongside his mother, Christine Allen (violin) and sister, Brittany Allen (vocals). He’s also included ex-Stonetrotter drummer, Evan Dwinnel in the musical lineup. Finally, Allen has teamed up with projection artists, Amy Liden and Mary Doust, to add extra visual elements to the performance.

Catch Dave Allen and Courtney Dubois (ex-Stonetrotter) performing a duet with the Woodshed Orchestra at 6:30PM on Friday, April 28, at the Festival Hub.

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See Dave Allen perform his solo material with family and friends at 6:00PM on Saturday, April 29, at the Merchant Ale House.


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