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David Green Makes His Return to Your TV

David Green Makes His Return to Your TV

Hey David, glad to see you’re back in front of the camera again, what brought you back?

Well I figured if Backstreet could come back then why can’t I?! The real catalyst though was our co-host and co-producer DJ Brooks. He had just completed his long term run hosting the ‘Ice Dogs This Week‘ TV show for Cogeco and was looking to develop a new comedy themed show. Once he approached me with the idea and we started clicking on fun things that we wanted to create then the wheels were in motion.

For those who are unaware, you had a popular web series called Live on Queen with David Green. What was that experience like, and what did you take away from it?

I had some of my funnest times ever working on that show! One of the coolest things about it was meeting so many talented and inspiring people from Niagara and giving them a platform to showcase themselves. For myself included, LOQ acted as a launch pad to new exciting opportunities. It was tons of work to bring it all together, but the main thing I learned from it was that if the passion is behind the project, then that will shine through in the end result.

How did the opportunity to make this show come about?

I had been in talks with Cogeco in the past about bringing our ‘Live on Queen with David Green’ web series to the channel and they had shown interest in it, but the programming season schedules did not align at that time. I then focused my efforts on creating a few short films and establishing the Garden City Comedy Festival but always in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to work with YourTV when the timing was right. In comedy, timing is everything, and fortunately that time is now!

Your new show Hilarity in the Horseshoe premieres September 18 (9pm). What is the concept behind it, what can audiences expect from it, and how does it differ from Live on Queen?

The concepts are similar in the fact that they feature and showcase great local talent with stand up comedy performances and sit down interviews on the famous orange couch courtesy of Band on a Couch. We are also creating sketches and videos for each episode which have been a blast to work on! One of the biggest differences is that we have a great hardworking team of professionals at YourTV who have helped create a show we can be proud of. It’s silly, wacky, different and good clean fun!

This fall you’re also releasing a web series titled The Harder They Fall, how is that show different from Hilarity?

The Harder They Fall is a four part comedy series project I am working on with director Brad Murphy of Pacific Productions with assistance from the Niagara Falls Cultural Development Fund. It’s definitely one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever tackled and we’ve collaborated with so many awesome people to bring it to life. The series follows the trials and tribulations of a comedian trying to succeed while living in Niagara and all of the highs and lows along the way. Spoiler alert: It may contain one or two puns.

Your brand of humour / comedy is very punny – it’s fast, slightly observational and kind of absurd. Do you see this show as an opportunity to be more personal and an opportunity to connect more with your audience and community?

I would like to hope that it would be. Although, the goals of these episodes are not to highlight myself, but rather the great local comics that we will be showcasing on our shows. They are the stars of each episode and we hope to introduce them to a whole new audience of people who will hopefully realize what great talent we have in Niagara and will come out and support them at live comedy events across the region. If I can squeeze in a few puns here and there then that’s a cheeky bonus!

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