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Dboy: The Greatest Band Ever and Forever – Part 2

Dboy: The Greatest Band Ever and Forever – Part 2

The Sound | April 2018

Two years ago, we had the opportunity to get the first glance of the Welland power rock trio known as Dboy. Our last encounter was rather rough, with us being blindfolded and brought into their subterranean hideout. But now, after two years of proving my love to the boy, the timing was right. Their new record New Records in Human Power is set to release on Dine Alone Records and I figured this would be my time to try and infiltrate Dboy and learn more of their secrets. I think it worked.

Dboy released Prove Your Love: Live in Belem back in 2018, and it became an instant classic – an album stacked with euphoric rock ‘n’ roll bangers. How did you go about creating a follow up to such a magnificent and life altering record in New Records in Human Power? Was there a decision in releasing both albums on Feb. 14? Y’know… Valentines Day?

New Records in Human Power is an expression of free will and another finger on the hand of the aesthetic existentialism that is at the centre of everything we do. There is no better day to release it than February 14. It’s always been shit. Lupercalia was a pathetic Roman expression of masochism, which turned into a strange, quasi-religious celebration of those who have found their partners, regardless of whether or not they even really like one another. We have taken it over and made it less about the couple and more about the collective. Instead of buying flowers or candy, present and prospective scouts can buy a record for themselves. Instead of giving your hard earned money to a corporation, you can open your mind, heart, and wallets to the boy.

How did the ‘Dboy for President’ campaign go last February? Is it still underway with the release of New Records? Or are we on to a new phase of Dboy with this release?

After Prove Your Love (Live! in Belem) ran its course, and the presidential campaign touched down on either side of the Atlantic, it became apparent that the movement towards Dboy as global president is a perpetual one. Dboy remains committed to spreading love across borders, and stays true to the thirteen point program to end sonic austerity. Above all, Dboy remains committed to their own sonic and existential aestheticism, and will continue to exist for its sake, for as long as the gears of the International Performance and Recreation Council keep spinning.

New Records is a 12 song, 19 minute album. Do you feel you need to get your message and missions across quickly and tightly because of people’s shortened attention spans, or is there another reason to it?

I think that’s a big part of it. People don’t want to sit through a five minute song. Who could blame them? There’s no reason to take up five minutes, when one minute will do. It doesn’t make sense to write ten pages, when a paragraph will cover everything with clarity, force, and precision. Damn the build-up. Dboy is only concerned with the climax. In 2020, it’s senseless to be wasteful with food, words, or time.

Has there been any backlash to Dboy that would be notable and worth speaking of?

Have people been unwilling to don the mask and prove their love? I think it’s safe to say that anyone of any sense endorses the Dboy campaign, as the alternatives are fairly grim.

Have you managed to maintain a good relationship with your ‘gimps’? Do they have personal lives anymore? Or are they treated with the highest honor of being able to harness their full creative power?

Al Right, Theo Bare, and King Boy maintain the highest quality of life, and adhere to the thirteen point program with diamond precision. Dboy is a collective that exists and pays social currency to the International Performance and Recreation Council. In that sense, there’s no separation between any of the three predominant members, who are connected by the sinews and cartilage that is the Order of Dboy Scouts. It’s all a very fine balance, and we are expert gymnasts. It’s not about friendship. It’s about productivity.

Do you have a personal life anymore or has the title of ‘the Boy’ taken over? Was there anyone other than ‘the Boy’ – as in, are you the first ‘Boy’? Also, I think one question that I’ve failed to ask you was – where did ‘theBoy’ come from? What’s the backstory behind Dboy, ‘the Boy’ and his gimps? Sorry if this seems like a lot of questions, you just don’t give us many answers.

As such a notable collective, there isn’t much sense of discussing the personal. While the three wolves might be the symbols and standards that most stand out, the entire order are on a level playing field. In that sense, there’s no real point of talking about ‘first’, so long as there’s no point of talking about ‘last’. It makes much more sense to talk about the constantly changing whole, where each pillar of fortitude is one of thousands of papillae and receptacles that makes up the whole of the tongue.

When will Dboy declare themselves a religion for tax exempt status? Should we be looking forward to the First Demonination of Dboy?

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So long as there are transistors of hate and satellites of fake love, every day is Dboy day.

Why would you say Dboy has been such a triumph? Obviously, a great live show goes a long way. Have the three missions of Dboy that you stated to me two years ago been well though out and received – You’ve sounded cool, you’ve looked cool, but how has your mission to end sonic and creative austerity gone so far?

At the end of every set, there is a moment where no one knows if what they’ve just witnessed is done. The boy leaves the stage. The feedback continues until someone decides they have had enough, and the curtain comes down. The crowd decides whether it will last one, two, or ten minutes. In that sense, the mission to end sonic and creative austerity has been a complete success. Dboy empowers the passive cultural contrarian to take control over what they want in a 20 minute explosion. However, it’s ongoing. In a time and place where nothing is cool and everything is cool simultaneously, Dboy strikes back.

Now that I’ve proved my love each and everyday as a Dboy Scout, why haven’t the chains of creative oppression been released from me? Is there a new message, and new form of thinking that I should be addressing now in 2020? Haven’t we proved our love enough?

As long as the wankers of rock rule the roost, there will be bones to pick and some to break. Now, is proof of love meant to give or take?

Dboy perform with Ancient Shapes and Blue at the Warehouse on February 14.

Part 1 – Dboy: The Greatest Band Ever and Forever

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