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Dboy: The Greatest Band Ever and Forever

Dboy: The Greatest Band Ever and Forever

Dboy are a three-piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Welland. Upon hearing absolutely amazing album ‘Live in Belem’, I knew I had to talk to them. So, like most interviews, I reached out to their manager Kiril Kutchokokov and asked if my friend Megan Muir (Muir Image Photogprahy) and I could meet the band known as Dboy.

Here’s what transpired:

Kiril Kutchokokov: We would like to invite you to meet a representative of Dboy here, at approximately 2030 tonight. You will then be brought to the official Dboy HQ at a secret location, where you will get to meet the boy.
While I do realize that this might be alarming, has total faith that the secrecy is in full accordance with the rock and roll mirror-house that is Dboy.
On behalf of Dboy, thank you in advance for your full support and attention.
You will be picked up by our most trusted gimps. They will arrive in a golden caravan, wearing golden jackets.

So, we showed up at the meeting place (the Canadian Tire parking lot off the 406 in Welland), got our gear ready, and then we saw the caravan. They pulled up, blindfolded us and instructed us to get in the van. We knew we had to trust the rock ‘n’ roll machine that was Dboy, so we got in the van, where a loud inaudible speech was taking place in a foreign language. After the uncomfortable ride over, we were escorted (still blindfolded) through a lengthy, zig-zagging route until ultimately we were brought down to Dboy HQ, a dark boiler room where ‘the boy’ and his gimps sat patiently waiting listening to loud distorted classical music.
Megan and I looked at each other like ‘what the fuck is going on here’, but we were here for the job, and it had to get done. So here you have it. Straight from ‘the boy’.

What does Dboy stand for?

I don’t think there’s any sense in explaining what the letters d, b, o or y mean. But lately, there’s been a sense of austerity in creativity. So Dboy’s first mission is to sound cool. The second mission is to look cooler and the third mission is to end sonic and creative austerity.

I saw on your website that there’s a Dboy Scout Order? Why should I join the Scout Order and what would be required of me?

To join the Dboy scout order is the real true way to prove your love to dboy.
The only real requirement to become a Dboy scout is to prove your love every single day in everything you do – to shake off the chains of creative oppression. To always maintain a sense of power however raw or refined that may be. To reject racism, sexism and any other form of oppression, creative or otherwise that might get in the way. It is essentially to love Dboy with everything.

Are there any deep-rooted social or political sentiments that you want people to know?

When people refuse to have fun, and when they find themselves taken or overburdened by societal, artistic or cultural norms it takes the energy and power away from everyday life. Dboy scouts wont stand for any form of racism, sexism or oppression in any matter. Our manager Kiril Kutchokokov does a great job of making sure that any person joins the Dboy Scouts proves their love, wears the mask, wears the jacket, and makes sure that everyone is on board for the right reasons. And that is putting Dboy, creative power and energy above all else, and when that happens, everything else falls into place.

You recorded a live album in Belem, Brazil. Are Dboy from Welland? Did you migrate to Welland or did you just capture a great set in Brazil on your travels?

The fact that people associate Dboy with specific geographical locations doesn’t really have any bearing on who we are or where we’re from, because the reality of it is that none of that matters because when you put on the mask and once you prove your love, there’s no sense talking about borders. The whole point of Dboy is to shake off borders, so why bother bringing up questions of geography or affiliation or residency to any specific area, when what we have here is much greater.

You mention how important it is to wear the mask. How real is it to wear a mask rather than be another person claiming to be as real as you can be?

If you’ve read the 13 point manifesto, you’ll know that Dboy forfeits personal identity and is instead concerned with the collective that is Dboy. To put on the mask is the highest honour. It shows you’ve given up your face, your name. You’ve given up everything that separates you from the next person and instead you’re focusing on creative power, on energy, on passion. To me, and to the entire Dboy community worldwide, that’s the biggest thing. You see it in the music that people listen to, you see it in the art that people make, how people express themselves, or choose not to express themselves. As soon as you put on that mask you give yourself that complete passion.

How come you (the boy) don’t wear a mask?

There needs to be one boy. My role in the whole Dboy community is to work as a speaker for which I channel what these boys behind me think, whatever those boys think, and whatever all the Dboy scouts in all of the countries all over the world think. I’m just the spokesperson.

And your main channel to speak with people is through rock ‘n’ roll. What are these performances like?

To be at a Dboy show — we’re not talking any religious experience — but it is as close to euphoria as one can get. When we look out and see the power and the complete chaos that is in any crowd we play, it drives us forward. How we play the songs, which is generally perfect, how we sound on stage, which is generally loud, those are just pieces of the bigger picture. There is total connection when we are on stage and when we are speaking to and with our crowd.

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Thank you for your time, anything you’d like to add?

I don’t believe that anything else needs to be said, because as soon as people hear Prove Your Love: Live in Belem, they’ll understand. As soon as they come out and see us live, they’ll understand. Whether or not they join the Dboy Scout Order is personal preference, but I do believe that by becoming a member, by selling everything that made you an individual to begin with and becoming a part of something bigger and better, I think then you’ll understand.

Prove Your Love – Live in Belem by DBOY

After the interview, we were taken back to our vehicle and Megan and I just started at each other, confused, bewildered, amazed at the experience we just had. Promptly, Kiril hit us back up.

The boys have expressed their deepest thanks that you decided to join them in the centre of the universe. Remember to prove your love, whenever possible. ❤️?

Come Prove Your Love for Dboy live at the Warehouse on April 12 with Single Mothers & Strange Shakes.

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