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Dead Tired & On Fire

Dead Tired & On Fire

The first time I had a chance to see Dead Tired, I informed lead guitarist and producer extraordinaire, Marco Bressette, how I probably wouldn’t stick around for the set; as their blend of thrash/hardcore/punk, wasn’t my cup of tea. Of course, not realizing Marco was in the band as I stood right beside a show poster, I asked what brought him to the venue. Foot in mouth, I felt it was my duty to see this show through and, man, am I glad I did.

Fast forward three years later and the band have released their sophomore album after steadily dropping an EP each year since their initial Self Titled full length release in 2015. Talking with Marco Bressette, 2019 brings us Full Vol., a collection of the previously mentioned EPs and an additional three new songs. Now I know what you are thinking: they are just recycling old material and tacking a few tracks on to sell more albums. I assure you that is not the case.

“It was a conscious decision to release the songs as multiple EPs, culminating in a final full length. Honestly, it just seemed like a fun idea,” said Bressette.

In marketing, the old adage states: ‘keep them wanting more.’ Fans who followed the releases over the last few years won’t be disappointed with the final product, Full Vol. It is the perfect grab for the record completest or a nice spot to introduce yourself to the band. Aggressive, thrashy, and smothered in punk rock ethos, Dead Tired’s newest album will satiate even the most die hard fans needs. Recorded over two separate sessions, one at Jukasa Studios and the other at Bressette’s own, Deadquarters in Hamilton, the band have a no-holds-barred approach to song writing.

“The process is really juvenile. Somebody may have two riffs, somebody may have a whole song but it is twenty minutes and it’s done. Everybody is like ‘okay, who gives a shit,’” said Bressette.

Of course, it is hard to talk about Dead Tired without acknowledging the elephant in the room. Yes, George Pettit is the lead vocalist for Southern Ontario and Saint Catharines darlings, Alexisonfire. With the latter band’s world wide success and announcement of new shows and material, you may wonder if Dead Tired fear being over shadowed. The simple answer, “No.”

“Nobody ever asks (about Alexis) really, or at least it is rare when it has come up. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know where to find any comments or backlash about George being in both bands. I am not on social media. We do have a built in audience; but there are some people who will definitely listen to us because of that connection,” he said.

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Which, leads to a good question. Would Dead Tired have success if that link to Alexisonfire and their connection to New Damage Records (Dead Tired’s record label) didn’t exist?

“The music is awesome and I don’t doubt we would be where we are with or without George’s connections,” said Bressete. I wouldn’t be a part of this band if the music sucked. I wouldn’t say, ‘oh I am going to play in this because I know George has done this and that.’ I have to think that our fans and New Damage think the same.”

So if you want to get your 80s hardcore-stoner rock-thrash metal game on, make sure you check out Dead Tired when they hit up Warehouse with Twin Rivals and Gladiator in downtown St. Catharines on April 6 or on the other select dates they have announced. Full Vol., which is out now on all streaming platforms as well as some great special edition, clear vinyl bundles that can be found at

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