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Democracy In Black by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Democracy In Black by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

By John Storm

Listen to some of the republican candidates and you hear racism. Can you believe it, in 2016 we still have millions of racists in North America.

Eddie Glaude teaches at Princeton University. As a black man he has seen his own style of bigotry. He and we have seen innocent blacks shot dead by police, for no good police reason. We’ve seen blacks (and many other racial minorities) denied housing, health care, education and more.

If you listen to some community leaders in Niagara, you will hear the bigotry, the racism, the hatred. This comes largely from men of power, men who go to church every Sunday, men who employ others. A while back I resigned from a group because of the constant racism I heard from, yes, white guys who think they know it all. Some of them work in our governments. I recently had a senior government official tell me something I could not believe. I asked him what can we do to help the employment prospects of young people? He told me the region needs young people but not our young people. “What,” I asked? He said “we need young people from other places. Our young people are lazy bums.” This from a powerful man in Niagara.

And its not only powerful people who say this sometimes. It’s also income levels throughout society.
Many years ago Niagara was the top vacation spot for the Japanese tourist market. They landed in Toronto and then bussed to Niagara where all the white people live. That has changed since then, but racism continues.
Democracy in Black is filled with the author’s frustration and angst. He outlines dozens of cases of racial intolerance towards blacks. Governments, police, teachers, politicians, store owners and more. Why, in this age, are their such tribal differences.

With all of our education, all our knowledge, our history, philosophy, science and literature, how are we so dumb?

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