Devil in the Wood Shack Born in St. Catharines

By Jeff Blay

Vancouver indie-folk powerhouse has Niagara roots, returning to Ontario on tour in June

If you can remember legendary St. Catharines music venues like The Hideaway and Red Square, then you may know Joshua Wood and Wesley Coderre—two of the frontmen of Vancouver-based indie-folk band Devil In The Wood Shack.

Both born and raised in St. Catharines, the duo grew up playing music together (Wood also spent years as a guitarist and vocalist in punk rock four-piece Single Finger Salute and earlier, Garden City Riot) and have since travelled together across the country, from Kananaskas, Alta. to their current stomping ground of Vancouver, B.C., where they co-founded Devil in the Wood Shack.

Wood and Coderre will be returning to Ontario with Devil in the Wood Shack bandmates for the first time this June during their Sea to Sea Canadian Tour in support of the release of their full-length, self-titled vinyl.

“This is more than a tour for me. This is a journey through the past as I’ve lived all across this country,” says Wood, Devil In The Wood Shack’s lead singer and guitarist. “It’s an exciting point for the band to be at and a hopeful look into the future of where and what we want to be doing musically.”

The band’s Sea to Sea Canadian Tour kicked off May 26 in Vancouver and will take them across the country to the Maritimes and back throughout May and June. They play in Hamilton at Homegrown Hamilton on June 4 and D Beatstro in Toronto on June 13.

Officially forming with its current six-piece lineup in 2012, Devil in the Wood Shack has since emerged as one of Vancouver’s indie-folk powerhouses, playing countless shows and festivals across British Columbia.

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Now, four years after its birth, the band is releasing a collection of its favourite songs that have, until now, only been heard live. The Self-Titled vinyl is packed with 10 hard-hitting crowd favourites such as ‘You Keep Me Running’, ‘Maybe It Will Be Alright’ and ‘Lead’.

“This LP marks an explosion in time—a special era when we all came together in such an eruption of creative collaboration and unflinching drive,” Wood says, giving praise to bandmates Wesley Coderre, Rory Troughton, Conrad Shynkar and Thalia and Justine Astolopolous for their role in the project. “This album is the dust that has settled and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved and the creature that we created together.”

As told by the band, it started in St. Catharines when Wood and longtime friend Wesley Coderre began jamming in a small garage next to a wood-burning stove.

The duo had backgrounds in punk bands and jazz school and, influenced by the skateboarding culture and religious repression, they created a sound too unique to categorize and too catchy not to dance to. But for them, it’s all about doing what they’ve always done—writing pop songs for weirdoes, anthems for the lost and lonely, and bare-knuckle ballads for the underdogs.

For a full list of dates and additional information about the Sea to Sea Canadian Tour, visit The Devil In The Wood Shack LP is available for purchase online at

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