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Disco May Be Dead, But Soul Ain’t!

Disco May Be Dead, But Soul Ain’t!

By Mel Monaco

They may say Disco may be dead but Soul is most certainly not. The O’Jays, an American R&B Soul group originally formed in 1958 lit up the stage at The Avalon Ballroom inside Fallsview Casino on July 7th and 8th 2017.

Upon entering the venue an announcement was made, one of the founding members, Walter Williams Sr. had taken ill and was unable to perform. However, with a backing band of 14, and the 2 of 3 frontmen including Eric Grant and founding member Eddie Levert, there was no smoke and mirrors, just PURE soul.

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Eddie Levert at 76 years old- shuffled, jumped, and swayed his way across the stage on every number without taking a sip of water for the entire performance. It was spectacular. He love humped the air like he did back in the 70’s. Having not personally experienced the decade, the cinematic visual aids in the background really added an extra oomph to the performance- Eddie moves better than I do!

The O’Jays performed their Billboard chart topping tunes from every decade. Hits like “Use Ta Be My Girl”, “For The Love of Money” and “Backstabbers”, it was like listening to the record! I’m not sure when and if they’ll come around to Niagara again, but if they do! YOU MUST GO!

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