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DRFTR Unveils New Songs

DRFTR Unveils New Songs

Oscar Anderson-Shortt, aka DRFTR, is set to release new music to follow up on his 2017 debut EP, DRFTR. There are three songs, with the first, The Lightning Song, set for release at the end of November. Anderson-Shortt teamed up again with producer and recording engineer, Joe Lapinski. <p>“We took what we did before and built on it,” says Anderson-Shortt, “we added some new elements and tried to beef it up a bit – they all move and they all groove.”

As for The Lightning Song, the idea has been around a while: “I had the idea in high school, but it really came to when I was in South Africa. We were out in the middle of nowhere South Africa, no electricity, no running water and we heard this pitter-patter of rain on the thatched roof and thunder in the distance. Then we started hearing this crescendo of clinging and clanging of pots and pans. Outside, everybody in the village was beating pots and pans to scare the lightning away. That’s where the song comes from – trying to maybe scare something away, but also dealing with it at the same time.”

The song somehow captures Anderson-Shortt’s description. Many layers of harmonized vocals support Anderson-Shortt’s pleading narrative which builds from delicate persuasion to powerful hook over guitar, bass, strings and the steady pitter-patter of drums.

DRFTR will be out on tour in November to support the new release, including a show in St. Catharines on November 3 with Aaron Berger & the Blue Stars and in Ridgeway on November 16 with My Son the Hurricane. After that, Anderson-Shortt hopes to get back to the writing: “At this point, I’m trying to record a bunch of songs I’ve had for a while. It’s been pretty hard to find the inspiration that grabs me enough that I can just throw a song out there. I have so many ideas that I’ve been working on for so long – and that I’ll still happily work on.”

Even with the touring and releasing three more songs, Anderson-Shortt strives for more: “I feel like there’s a lot more work to be done – work harder and go further.”

Sikhokele (DRFTR) Official Music Video

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Here is my newest music videoSikhokele by DRFTRwith Navtej Sandhusound mixing by Joe Lapinskiproduced by Haui Davisco-produced by Oscar Anderson-Shorttdirected and edited by Howard J Davisrecorded at WOW Recording Studio & Creative Music Spaceshot on location Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontarioshot on Canon CanadaThanks to everyone that helped realize this piece. Please like, share, plug in your headphones and enjoy.Make sure to watch in HD

Posted by DRFTR on Sunday, March 4, 2018

Catch DRFTR live in Niagara:
Mahtay Cafe & Lounge on Saturday, November 3, PWCY, doors at 7PM.
The Sanctuary Centre for the Arts, November 16, $25 general admission, doors at 8PM.

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