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Errunhrd Releases her Apprehensive Memories

Errunhrd Releases her Apprehensive Memories

Errunhrd (err-unheard) is the peculiar moniker that represents the solo project of Niagara Falls musician, Shirin Ghoujalou. Influenced by bands such as New Order, Grimes, and Daughter, Ghoujalou blends dreamy pop vocals with ambient electronic music while striving to capture her life experiences and inner feelings as she finds her place in the world.

Ghoujalou’s second EP as Errunhrd, Apprehensive Memories of a Romance, is set for release in October with an album release show at Warehouse. The five track EP was performed and recorded by Ghoujalou and mixed by Alex Gamble (Alvvays, Great Lake Swimmers). Throughout the record, Ghoujalou explores life’s anxieties, mingled with love, loss, and self-sabotage.

“I was absorbed in that, and then somehow, along the way, I fell in love at some point and I really didn’t think that was possible,” Ghoujalou said.

It was that feeling of impossibility that led Ghoujalou to ultimately end the relationship, which formed the basis for the guitar-centred track, “Keep You Away”.

While every Errunhrd song has a story behind it, “Keep you Away” “had the biggest story,” according to Ghoujalou. “It was after the breakup that I wrote it, you know you’re in that phase of trying to wrack your brain around what just happened, what went wrong, and why things ended. I was just playing guitar, you know super bummed, that’s usually what I do to help me through stuff like that. As soon as I started writing, I realized that I was basically saying that I didn’t believe that someone could actually love me.”

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The song turned out to be an ‘aha moment’ for Ghoujalou, but soon she found that the revelation was only half the battle. Her electronic song, “Easier”, plays on the idea that dealing with the truth can sometimes be more difficult. “It felt easier to be oblivious to all this stuff – once you realize what’s going on in your head, sometimes it doesn’t really help it, it’s just in your face more.”

Errunhrd performs on Thursday, October 17 at Warehouse with The Midwife Crisis, Whatzername, and Lux + The Curio Cabinet. Doors at 7pm, tickets are $10 in advance.

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