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Escaping the Heavens

Escaping the Heavens

“We’re procrastinators,” jokes Can Kilic (vocals, bass) about WindfallFound’s nearly completed, but as yet unfinished 3rd album. The band has been recording non-stop since releasing Pulling For The Heavens in 2015, and estimates that their upcoming full-length album is about 95% complete.

“It is going to be a different approach than our previous material, especially Pulling For The Heavens,” says Kilic, “which was a very explorative and experimental experience for us. If Pulling For The Heavens was about us looking out to space and launching ourselves out to the depths, this album feels more like landing on a planet and making a home there and cultivating something tangible.”

Drummer, Dave Klassen, puts it more succinctly: “This time we have real songs.” Cody Gogo, guitar, expands, “we’re trying to get the songs down to being experimental and accessible. I think that’s reflected in the songwriting and the instrumentation. Pop sensibilities but still having experimental elements.”

For Matt Jaekel (guitar and vocals), it’s the overall approach that has changed: “I think with the last release we saw ourselves more as recording artists who were focused on the art of making the recording. With this one, we started by thinking of ourselves more as songwriters.”

The band’s membership has morphed since its inception in 2012 and the shift that Jaekel describes toward becoming songwriters coincides with a more stable lineup over the past year.

According to Gogo, “The philosophy in the songwriting is about where the world is and how it could be different. That’s partly where the escapist elements come from. Taking a look at that ideal – how could things be different and better? How could we have got to a better place, looking at the past?”

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Jaekel, the primary songwriter on the previous releases, adds “half the songs I’ve written [for this album] are in the spirit of the blues – venting out frustrations, or talking about things that are difficult to talk about. The other half of the songs that I’ve written have more of an aspirational tone, an escapist tone. That’s a dynamic that I’m interested in: reality versus escapism.”

Kilic isn’t sure when the band will get around to finishing the last 5% of the album, but he hopes it will be complete early this year (I do too). Until then, the band has released two new live videos which feature new material from the upcoming album.

WindfallFound perform live along with the Kerouacs, Oh Geronimo, and Mason Vail at the Warehouse on Friday, February 23.

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