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Fat Moth Emerges With a New Album

Fat Moth Emerges With a New Album

Fat and Moth were the names of two characters in a play. Together they form the name of Niagara’s newest supergroup. The seven piece band brings together experienced and multi-talented artists, many of whom have already collaborated together in one way or another.
“We started fully as a group in February,” said guitarist and vocalist, Jon Lepp, “at first it was Joe Mahony (drums, percussion) and I playing music together and we thought we wanted to put a band together.”

Lepp and Mahony put the word out and soon several members of the well-loved Niagara band, Oak and Elm, joined, including Jordan Phelan (bass), Emma Lee Fleury (vocals), and Jon Marleau (percussion). Anthony Sweet (vocals, keys) from The Sweet Experience and Jordan Alexander (guitar) from Mothership Landing round out the lineup.

The group recorded their debut self-titled album in August with Joe Lapinski. “Wow, it was a lot of fun,” said Lepp, “Joe’s a wizard when it comes to mixing and setting everything up. It was a really great experience.”

Six tracks were recorded over the course of 3 days with a few finishing touches added later on. After the passing of a close family member, Lepp wrote a seventh track, which was recorded at Lapinski’s home studio, and added to the album.

The songwriting typically begins with Lepp: “at least for this album, I’ve written the songs initially and then they get heavily adapted when it comes to the full band. I write on the acoustic guitar first and then bring it to the band and make it electric.”

Like a metamorphosis, the songs go through several changes once the band members get their many hands on the material. “I always like having room to change things,” explains Lepp, “it’s a really good, creative space where everyone’s open and receptive to each other.”

The album release is scheduled for December 9 at Oddfellows Temple (36 James St.), the same place the album was recorded. Opening up the show will be KO Improv and Strange Shakes.

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“I’m really excited for KO Improv,” said Lepp, “I think there will be 6 or 7 of them performing. I had a chance to see them in the summer at Mahtay and they were so funny, they were cracking me up the whole night.”

Additionally, Emma Lee Fleury will be creating an art installation at the venue. “One of the things we try to do is to make the whole experience unique. It’s really important to us. It will be a multi-faceted show where there is stimulus for your ears and stimulus for your eyes and stimulus for your taste” said Lepp, noting that Mahtay Café will be catering the event.

Oddfellows Temple is located at 36 James St. in St. Catharines. The album release will be held on Saturday, December 9. Doors are at 8:pm. Tickets are $10/advance or $12/door.

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