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F*ck Charles J Hunk and the Horse He Rode In

F*ck Charles J Hunk and the Horse He Rode In

He’s been called “Louisiana Country,” he describes himself as “drinking country music,” but only one thing is for sure. Charles J. Hunk and the Trainwreck are, plain and simple, a fun live band. If you were to ask me, he’s more of a low-key, country version of Andrew WK – energetic, obnoxious and ready to party.

Sure, there’s some tunes up on his bandcamp (his cover with Laurel Minnes of Majora of Fairytale of New York is top notch), but the real record (titled Drinkin’ Triples, Seein’ Double, Stayin’ Single) the band recorded a few years past (August, 2016) is lost in a Dropbox somewhere, waiting a release. For now, the best way to experience Charles J. Hunk and the Trainwreck is to see them in a loud, sweaty and dark bar.

“Hopefully we’ll get that record out this year. We’re more focused on just being a band. We just have more fun playing shows that being worried about putting a record out. There’s just too much beer to be drank,” said Hunk.

Back to the drinking… his bandcamp reads “Old, surly, drunk at the end of the bar,” and the first song he wrote upon a return to music two years ago after a fifteen-year hiatus was “Drowning in Whiskey.”

Once he regained his confidence, he cut his teeth performing his favourite tunes as a cover artist, but he was “playing cover songs that the majority of people wouldn’t know.”

The Trainwreck formed around Hunk when he had enough material to record a full length and asked drummer Mark Hoerdt to accompany him. After than Fergie Duncan and Grant Redman joined the troupe and as Hunk says himself, “we couldn’t deny the magic that was happening.”

The aforementioned record, was record at the Wow Recording Studios’ Pop-Up Studio with Joe Lapinski. It was recorded live off the floor in one eight hour session, and “you’d be surprised of how good it sounds having recorded it like that.” It may see the light of day this year.

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Until then? “Who knows. We just want to keep playing shows. We actually have one in July that’s pretty special to me. A good friend that I grew up with, named Derek Smith is coming to play and we will be his backing band. So we’ll start with our own original set and then join him after,” he said.

“You have to come see the live show. It’s a party. I consider ourselves, which this might sound bad, not so much musicians as entertainers. I just want everyone to have fun.”

You can catch Charles J. Hunk and the Trainwreck at the Merchant Ale House on June 2 with Burning Spring.

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