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For the Love of Bees

For the Love of Bees

I was always curious about bees. Something about them seemed to call to me. The further I got into growing my own food, the further I was drawn. How do these fascinating little creatures work? And more to the point, who in the world is capable of indiscriminately passingly along such important information?
With questions in hand, I began where I always do, with the first step. Who can I find to teach me? I knew I couldn’t be the only one who had ever wondered such things but it certainly felt like it. Did everyone already know about bees? Did I miss something? I don’t think I was taught any of this.
It wasn’t the first time I felt alone in this process but perhaps everyone just is just acting like they have it all figured out?
Either way I wanted to know more for myself so I found a local beekeeper and suited up. Off to the apiary I went.
The buzzing. The energy. The vibe.
I can barely explain what it was like other than to note I had never paid attention until NOW.
Now I had no choice but to be completely tuned in.
This experience truly changed my life.
I wanted to learn more. I asked the beekeeper if he would teach a class with my organization, which at the time was called Niagara Farm Project.
Many people came. Perhaps I wasn’t alone after all.
The rest as they say, is history. We now host Beekeeping classes with one of the most respected beekeepers in Ontario. There is so much to still learn but one thing is for certain. We are all in this together.

All I ever wanted was to feel love.
The kind of love that makes you feel safe. The healing kind.
Years went by.
Still not safe.
Still not seeing what it was that I knew existed. That I felt in my very core.
I kept looking. Hoping to find what was seemingly lost.
Until now.

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