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Giancarlo & the Scarfones Make It Spin With Carousel

Giancarlo & the Scarfones Make It Spin With Carousel

“Music has always been a part of my life,” said Giancarlo Feltrin. “I was trained classically on piano and then in high school I got into playing in bands and song writing. I did a solo album in 2006 and a lot has changed since then.”

After high school, Feltrin moved to Boston to pursue a degree at Berklee College of Music. Upon his return to Niagara, Feltrin started jamming with the Scarfone brothers, Andrew and Nick.

“I’ve been playing with them since high school, but we really reconvened in 2016. It was last year when I said I’ve got these songs, they’ve been on a notepad or they’ve been on a hard drive for many years, we should record an album and see what happens.”

To round out the sound, the group brought in Aaron Albano on alto sax, Colin Wilson on tenor sax, and Devon Fornelli on drums.

The band’s first full-length album, Carousel, features ten upbeat songs that hint at 70’s pop while spanning multiple genres and employing a great variety of instruments.

“I love producing, and I love adding and layering,” said Feltrin. “I’m really into the notion of crafting a song from the ground up. I like to have this big picture in my head all the time of what it’s going to sound like with piano and horns and harmonies and everything can still have a rationale, everything can still have a reason.”

Feltrin recorded the tracks at his home studio and then the songs were mixed by Dean Malton (Groundloop Productions). Both the band and Malton won 2019 Niagara Music Awards (Best New Group and Best Engineer) on the strength of Carousel.

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According to Feltrin, the album name took a long time to pin down.

“We wanted to choose an image that associates with the Niagara Region. I love the image of the carousel, I think it’s nostalgic and it fits us stylistically.” Beyond the image, the carousel represents the sometimes cyclical nature of music, bands, and life – there’s momentum and change, but it all comes around. “Even with the songs,” adds Feltrin, “they were kind of tucked away, but then they resurfaced.”

Giancarlo & the Scarfones perform at Club 55 on November 1, at Taps Brewhouse on November 9, and at The Feathery Pub on November 23. Carousel is now available on all major platforms.

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