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Greenbelt Arts Combine Music and Visual Art for Luka Album Release

Greenbelt Arts Combine Music and Visual Art for Luka Album Release

Toronto singer-songwriter, Luka, will be making a tour stop in St. Catharines to release his third full length album, What Kind of Animal. The album release is being presented by Greenbelt Arts, a St. Catharines and Toronto based initiative to promote collaborative and community-building audiovisual productions.

“Greenbelt Arts is something that was started about 6 years ago,” said co-founder Anah Shabbar, “in our productions, we try to always use musical and visual elements so they’re one time audience experiences, something you’re never going to see again.”

Luka’s album release will feature local openers Creature Speak and Sid Baron. According to Shabbar, “Luka’s music is very intimate and Creature Speak’s music is very complimentary, they’re often a lot more quiet and restrained. They’ve also played a lot of shows together in the past.” In fact, Luka, Creature Speak, and Sid Baron all performed at the 2017 In the Soil Arts Festival.

In addition to the musical elements, Shabbar sought to collaborate with a visual artist for the show. The work of Elizabeth Pereira, a local Brock University student, caught her eye. Pereira had completed a work for a spring intensive theatre program offered by the Suitcase in Point Theatre Company in St. Catharines.

“I saw her final project, which was a triptych of images being projected of old downtown St. Catharines,” said Shabbar, “and I thought it would be cool as part of this show.”

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Shabbar plans to work with Pereira to adapt her piece on a larger scale for the musical production. “I am really passionate about giving youth opportunities to grow as leaders or artists,” explained Shabbar, “[Pereira’s] experimenting in her art form, she’s figuring out what type of artist she wants to be and this is a great way to experiment.”

The album release begins at 8:00 PM, on Friday, November 10, at The Green, 36 James Street, St. Catharines. There is a suggested $10 or ‘pay what you can’ cover charge at the door.

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