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Hard Working Hollerado: The Simple Math of Success

Hard Working Hollerado: The Simple Math of Success


For musicians across Canada, there always exists a question of how to achieve success in what seems to be an over-saturated market and stiff competition from our friends south of the border. However, Hollerado, hailing from Toronto, have seemed to lock down a formula; a diligent work ethic, plus music drenched in passion = success. Jake Boyd (drummer) took some time to explain the band’s approach to the industry and music in general, as well as what 2017 has in store.

To start off, 2016 for the band seemed extremely busy. Were there any stand out moments? We did a European tour early on in 2016 with Sum 41 and at one point we all got to go see the Eiffel Tower together, which was special. We also visited Barcelona, so that was a stand out moment.

To end the year, I saw that you recently did a tour with Sam Roberts Band, how did that go? It was great. We are actually only half way through the tour with those guys, the rest continues in the new year. We already did the American east coast and some Canadian dates with Sam, so in the new year we are doing across Canada and then down the American west coast.

How has the response been in the States? It’s been great. New York is always amazing, Buffalo is great. We also did Boston, Philly and D.C.

With the new year upon us, what is the game plan for Hollerado? Minus the rest of the Sam Roberts tour. Basically finish off that tour and then do a handful of our own shows. On January 6 we have our new single coming out with the new record to follow a few months later.

With the new album, what was the recording process like? Did you do it yourselves because I know you have your own studio or did you have a producer with you? It was kind of all over the place. Mainly we were in Toronto. Some of it was done at our studio and a few other places and then we also recorded at Gus’ studio in New York.

Which Gus is this? Oh yeah. Gus Van Gough is our producer, who we have pretty much worked on everything with.

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For those who don’t know, Royal Mountain is the label that the band created and has been releasing their albums through. How did that come about? It was birthed out of the necessity of not having anyone really want to release our albums back in the day. I feel like a lot of indie labels are born out of the realization that, oh, we aren’t really getting any response from anyone we are sending these songs to, so I guess we will just do it ourselves. It’s interesting because at first you think, this is kind of tough, we have to do everything ourselves. But you do that for a couple of years and you end up learning a heck of a lot, as well as getting use to working really hard. Then when you are at a point where a few other people are working with you, you already know what you want from your team; you understand how hard the work is and how much effort they are putting in. So, you love and respect them as a result of that. The one common thing with the labels roster, is that, they are all really great bands who work extremely hard.

So, it’s the end of the year, I’ve got to ask the prototypical question; what are your top three albums of 2016? This is going to be a lot of what I am listening to right now but I love Julia Jacklin. She is an Australian artist and the album is called Don’t Let The Kids Win. The new John K. Samson record, Winter Wheat is great. And I guess the (David) Bowie record Blackstar. There is a lot I have been listening to but I remember playing that album over and over and two days later he passed away. It just added this other dimension to the album. I have been listening to a lot of Bowie’s albums.

Hollerado perform at The Sanctuary in Ridgeway on January 14 with Little Junior and Eleven North.

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