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Heavy Hearts Are Still Beating

Heavy Hearts Are Still Beating

After releasing three EP’s, one full-length album, and touring Europe last January, Heavy Hearts hit a bump in the road when their drummer quit. With some studio time booked, the remaining band members got a bit experimental.

“I think it was good to take some time off,” said vocalist and guitarist, Justin Glatt.

“Because with the new record we tried out some new stuff.” Together with bassist, Jamie Gorman, and guitarist, Riley Jensen, the trio hunkered down to write some new music.

“We’d go down to our jam space,” explained Glatt. “Riley would bring down his laptop because we didn’t really have a drummer at the time so the drums were made on the laptop. We had a few rough ideas and I think two of the songs had a start and a finish, but the rest of them were pretty much just a riff with a drum part.”

The band teamed up with Cory Bergeron, who recorded their previous EP, On a Chain, to begin work on their forthcoming second full-length album. Everyone dug deep to finish the songs as they were being recorded, which, according to Glatt, “was interesting, but I don’t think any of us ever want to do it again.”

Perhaps it was the process, or maybe the new drummer, but expect some changes coming with their next album.

“It’s a lot different from what we’ve done before,” said Glatt. “It dips into a lot of genres we hadn’t explored – the heaviest song we’ve ever done is on there and the trippiest and the danciest.”

Musically, Glatt feels everyone worked to step beyond their comfort zones and lyrically, he tried to do the same.

“For this record, they’re definitely a lot more honesty – I know I have a tendency to be pretty vague with my lyrics, unintentionally, that’s just the way it’s been. For these songs I tried to make a conscious effort to be a little more to the point – they’re a lot more personal.”

The drums on the new album were performed by Joey Demers from Chapleau, ON, who has since joined the band for live performances, adding electronic sounds, synth, auxiliary percussion, and vocal harmonies to the mix. Also joining the band is drummer, JJ Sorensen (Safe to Say) from London, ON.

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While it is a bit more difficult to coordinate practice, Glatt is confident in the new lineup and looking forward to their April tour dates.

“Everyone’s really talented and really creative with what they bring to the table. 2018 was an interesting year,” he said.

“We finished the record in March. In October, we reworked three of the songs. It’s been a long year of fine tuning and we’re really excited for people to hear the new stuff.”

Heavy Hearts perform at Warehouse in St. Catharines on Sunday, April 7 with Rarity, The Wildhood, and Noon in November.

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