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For Heavy Hearts It’s Just Growth

For Heavy Hearts It’s Just Growth

“Since I was a kid, I wanted to be in a band. I wanted to write and record music and live in a van,” said Jamie Gorman, bassist for Heavy Hearts.

In 2017, Gorman and the rest of Heavy Hearts got that wish. They found themselves playing over 100 shows in Canada and the United States, whilst releasing their latest EP, On a Chain.
Starting out in 2014, Heavy Hearts has released three EPs and a full length in their short tenure. Their full length Bliss, and the following On a Chain were released through the Canadian record label New Damage Records. The signing signaled a shift in a band, all of a sudden they found themselves out on the road more, with a larger fan response.

“I think it really validated our existence as a band a little bit more. We always wanted to be serious about our band and take it as far as we could. Signing with New Damage made it all seem more possible. Our goal from day one was to be a touring band,” said Gorman.
In the New Year, the band will find themselves flying out to the UK and touring through Europe, somewhere they’ve never been, let alone toured through.

“Going to Europe has just been something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. With touring you do miss out on other life experiences, but it’s fun. Of course, you get cranky and sleep deprived and sweaty and argue a little bit with each other over nothing, but it’s all worth it,” he said.

At the present moment, Heavy Hearts have no plans of slowing down. Life in the van is the life for them. They are currently demoing a new record slated for a 2018 release, and hope to keep their momentum moving.

“There’s a pressure that no matter how many records you make, or how many tours you’re doing, you’re not doing enough. People might stop caring because you haven’t released new music or because you haven’t been on the road for a bit,” said Gorman.

“Plus, when we’re at home, we have jobs and we work, but it feels like we’re not doing anything with our life. It gets boring for us,” said Justin Glatt, vocalist and guitarist. “I know there’s nothing special about sitting in a van for hours on end, but it still feels like you’re doing something.”

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“Most times we get home and get excited to chill in bed all day, but then after 15 minutes it hits you. You want to go sleep in a parking lot somewhere,” added Gorman.

Heavy Hearts album release for On a Chain takes place on December 17 at the Warehouse with Gold Finch.

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