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By Matthew Murphy

Cory Brandan Putman is a modest guy. The lead vocalist of Hundred Suns has been singing in bands for years, and he get’s it, it’s not easy. He’s been a part of the hardcore act Norma Jean since 2006, and has toured the world whilst releasing five records along the way. Recently Putman put together Hundred Suns with Chris Lemasters [ex-Dead and Divine] and Ryan Leger [ex-Everytime I Die]. Their debut record The Prestaliis is a crushing affair, and Putman couldn’t have been more humble to talk about their upcoming release and the tour that follows.

All three members of you band have been in notable projects over the years, such as Dead and Divine, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die, how did Hundred Suns come about?

Well, we were in those bands touring and you just end up knowing everyone eventually. Every band in that entire genre of music is going to meet up at one point. We hung out and became friends, so when it came to branching out and trying something new it was all about finding the right people. People who you know are going to work for it [in Chris Lemasters & Ryan Leger].

With Hundred Suns, what is different from your previous projects?

It definitely sits within that same genre or at least group of bands. If I wasn’t in it, it would be a band that Norma Jean would try to take on tour.

Have you ever considered pulling double duty in one night?

I have contemplated it but I don’t think I’m ready for that. We’ll have to see how these next shows go. I can’t lie though, the band is still in the same realm. It’s not like one is pop and the other is electronic; at the end of the day both are heavy rock bands. I think people could tell the differences though. It is recorded completely different. I hardly do any screaming or yelling with Hundred Suns. I read a review the other day, the guy was bummed ‘because it didn’t sound like Norma Jean or Every Time I Die’ and I was thinking that ‘that’s the point’. If I was in a band with two other guys that sounded like Norma Jean I would piss off everybody in that band. First of all that’s not cool and second, it’s just boring.

Is there anything that you see with the industry or music scene that just bums you out?

Yeah, of course there are going to be pros and cons with anything. When it comes to the things that I don’t like, they are kind of boring. I don’t think it would be something that someone would want to read in an interview.

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That’s fair.

It’s just tour related bull crap and I feel like I would just be complaining. There’s tons of stuff I love about what I do and that’s why I have been doing it for so long. I come from a band that has had several member changes, so if anything it just shows that I am not going anywhere, no matter what. I love the music. I love how it connects with people. That’s what keeps it going for me. You can see with some bands that they just don’t care anymore and put out something that maybe isn’t all that bad, but it’s just selfishly put out for there own sake; people can see that. I have been in bands where the conversation has been let’s write a song for the radio and I am not against that. There are tons of songs on the radio I grew up listening to and even now there are a bunch of songs that are great. Bands that try to go into with the idea of writing for the radio, people can just tell and it’s disingenuous. That’s not what Hundred Suns is. We were just so excited about what we were doing that honestly, it just came to us really, really easy. Like, easier than any project I have ever been a part of.

The new album, “The Prestaliis,” comes out Aug 11th on Dine Alone Records’ New Damage imprint. Is there anything else we need to know before you guys hit the road this month?

Any ticket that is bought through the site, which can be found through our Facebook page, comes with an entire download of the new record. Whether you purchase the VIP package or just a ticket you are going to get the whole record. You get to see a show and an entire record for very little money at all. Haha, that is really just us trying to pad the room because nobody knows who we are.

Hundreds Suns will be stopping in St. Catharines on August 26 at the Warehouse so make sure to grab your tickets and get that free download before so you can sing along.

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