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Hurricane Return Home After a Summer of Riding the Bullet

Hurricane Return Home After a Summer of Riding the Bullet

After spending their entire summer promoting their latest record on the road through Canada and the United States, the 14 piece Niagara/Toronto based act My Son the Hurricane are ready to head home for the fall and perform to their hometown crowd at this year’s Cicada Music and Arts Festival on October 5.

Their record, Ride the Bullet, was recorded at Jukasa Media by engineers Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann and was released in April 2019.

Stream My Son the Hurricane’s new album here

“One of the main reasons we wanted to work there was because they recorded the last July Talk album. I wouldn’t say we have a great deal of similarities between the two bands, but they have both male and female vocalists and we knew that they clearly understood the dynamic shift between the two,” said Emcee Jacob Bergsma.

The collection of nine songs are their best and most varied to date, and a fantastic follow up to their breakthrough 2017 release Is This What You Want. The record is the first to feature vocalist Sylvie Kindree in its entirety since she joined the group in 2016, and her presence is in full force.

Bergsma explained that the recording process for the album was overwhelming at points, trying to schedule the proper times and dates for the 14 piece band and the additional guests who performed strings, keys and additional vocals, but “it was really nice to see how it turned out”.

“We really did have to plan this record out. One of the things that we had to deal with were the extreme degrees of cost savings that we had to take because we’re such a big band. In order for us to get into the studio we really had to make sure that we were ready before we got there and actually pressed record. Everything was strategized, thought out and performed.”

The album showcases a different side of the band we hadn’t seen yet. The tone is serious, and “unlike some of our previous material, there isn’t a constant positive message (except on “Better Than You Got It”,” explained Bergsma. Other tracks like brass-laden “Mr. Holland’s Locust” show a different, more aggressive side of the band and “Casserole” shows off Bergsma’s comedic chops and allowed him to be himself behind the mic.

“I’m a fun loving guy, and that track is me being me. I do hold certain things in high regard, like technical merit when it comes to rapping and ability. Yes, I’m a rapper in a band, but we’re not that similar to what you’d hear in a rap song. To me, casserole is a fucking rap song, and if I was to try and puff up my rap feathers, it would be with this song, right here,” said Bergsma.

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“And, Sylvie did such an excellent job on that song too. In retrospect, you know whats cool? Sylvie and I didn’t have many conversations about where verses were going to be, we just had the chorus and just rolled it. It’s really on point, and it was a great example of us having a certain kind of synergy without really even discussing anything. It’s pretty cool when you get to that point with people.”

My Son the Hurricane’s live show has just been getting better and better over the years, and unfortunately slightly overlooked their recorded output. With Ride the Bullet, the band now has an album that matches the energy and intensity of their fantastic live show.

If you haven’t listened to the record, now’s the time. If you haven’t seen them live yet, here’s your chance.

My Son the Hurricane perform at Cicada Music and Arts Festival on October 5 at Henley Island.

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