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Introducing: The Weather Wild

Introducing: The Weather Wild

A year and a half ago, guitarist Jason Edonel put a call out for musicians to start a band on Kijij in the vein of Shovels and Rope, The Gaslight Anthem, Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams. On October 25, that search met it’s apex when The Weather Wild took the stage at Warehouse in St. Catharines for the first time for an opening slot for Only Yours and Kalle Mattson.

We all wonder how bands come together – maybe it’s through a poster on the wall at the music store, or friends recommending other friends, or perhaps just a group of friends coming together to try and create something special. No one goes on the Internet looking for bandmates anymore, right?

Turns out, local singer-songwriter Nolan Jodes was just looking for a P.A. System on that fateful day (probably because a lot of venues in Niagara won’t book you without one), but the bands listed were too akin to the singers tastes that it seemed like it would have been a missed opportunity to not reply.

“I had just put out my first solo EP at that time and we just started chatting back and forth and we realized we had over 50 mutual friends on Facebook, but oddly enough we had never met,” said Jodes.

“We then got together and wrote something right off the hop, and now that’s a song that’s in our set list now.”

After their initial meeting, Edonel and Jodes rounded the group out with Lauren Leprich (fiddle), Kevin Donavan (drums, of Jode’s late-90s rock band Hyperion), Sandro Rocco (pedal steel, who also replied to Edonel’s Kijiji ad) and Brad Hewitt (bass, formerly of Welland Wasted).

Every player brought their own influences to the table — whether it was Leprich’s traditional Celtic music background, Donavan’s rock ‘n’ roll style, Rocco’s old-time country ways or Hewitt’s punk rock roots — to create a unique amalgamation of many genres into one band.

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Some people may think that to have your debut gig after a year and a half may be waiting too long, but they spent the time growing together and becoming a tight knit group of friends – they wanted to be ready for their first show. They wanted to be working on a recording and have a merchandise table to promote themselves. And, from the sounds of it, it was no disappointment. Now they’re looking forward to accelerating their pace, not only as friends, but, as a band in the truest sense.

“We go to shows together, and we hang out together. Obviously everyone has their own separate lives, but it’s awesome that we can play music as friends and go and do other things outside of the band together,” said Edonel. “It’s not work, it’s fun.”

The Weather Wild perform on December 22 with support from Brooke Georgeneau and DRFTR, This event is in support of Community Care and they will be accepting donations at the door.

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