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Jaimie G Album Release | Jan. 11

Jaimie G Album Release | Jan. 11

On January 11 both members of Rhyme Runners will be releasing solo albums at Warehouse.

While the two perform together as much as they can as Rhyme Runners, they both realized that they were releasing solo albums at the same time. So, why wouldn’t they release them together?

Godard and Jives initially met over a decade ago “when our two weirdo metal bands were on the same bill one night. I remember a group of us freestyling out in the parking lot after one of those shows and getting along right away,” recalled Jaimie Godard.

“I think we have really influenced each other to write more and I think we push each other to step outside of our usual comfort zones when producing, writing and performing.”

Godard a veteran of the poetry slam scene, connected with rapper/poet Kaz Mega from Edmonton who he had met and got to know at a ‘few Canadian poetry slams’ for the song We Teach Life.

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Prior to the release, the pair also plans to film a video for a track off of Godard’s release called Internet Friendship.

Jaimie G’s request? “I would also like to shoutout @deadweightone for the incredible job he did on the album artwork. He’s the real deal.”

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