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Jamie G’s New Year’s Resolution

Jamie G’s New Year’s Resolution

2016 saw many things, including Jaimie Godard getting his solo music career off the ground and it has been a few years in the making. “The album is a culmination of many years of writing and recording” he explains, “maybe 6-7 years of recording, one time losing all my tracks”.

At the end of 2015, Godard made a New Year’s resolution to complete some kind of album: “I rushed getting it done, but after not releasing stuff for so long, and creating it constantly, it felt really good to just say ‘here, this is done now, I don’t have to worry about these songs anymore.’”

The self-produced EP, Borrowed Time, Stolen Land, is the first solo release from Godard.

“I wrote, recorded and mixed it mostly by myself through trial and error and with advice from friends with more experience.”

The hip hop and spoken word infused album draws its name from the final track, “Dear Canada”. He insists that it’s not all political, though: “The title is pretty political. I try not to ignore politics. It’s not the central thing, but it’s there. I like to write about different things and just have fun and a sense of humour with whatever I’m creating.”

According to Godard, this album is something of a childhood dream come true.

“I was eight or nine listening to the radio and there was a feeling that I can’t describe. I wanted to play music, but didn’t think I could. There are steps you take. I started learning guitar in high school – that was one step. Then I started getting on stage and singing – that was another step. You eventually realize that your dreams sort of come true. I used to dream of that and didn’t think it was possible, then it became possible. Now I’m trying to take the music as far as I can.”

Along the way to realizing his dream, Godard has also found success in the realm of the Poetry Slam. He represented St. Catharines at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and is a three-time St. Catharines Poetry Grand Slam Champion as well as a two-time Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Finalist.

“I never thought that poetry would bring me across the country,” reflected Godard, “it helped me with writing, because I was seeing what all the poets across the country were bringing to these festivals”.

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With the album complete and a CD release show planned for the new year, Godard is already setting his sights on the next thing.

“It’s a back and forth between focusing on producing the actual music and taking time to write.”

With that in mind, I wonder what his New Year’s resolution will be this year.

You can check out Godard’s music here.

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