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Jeff Beadle’s Cold Love

Jeff Beadle’s Cold Love

At this point in his career, Welland’s Jeff Beadle should be a Niagara name. You may not recognize his name, but he’s been making Niagara proud across the world since 2014.

While he doesn’t have an extensive backlog of albums or a fancy big three record deal, he was signed to the Butterfly Collectors record label in Germany and has distribution in Europe. He has over a million plays on Spotify, was picked up by the CBC. He also has more plays on Youtube than you.

After the demise of his college band These Three Cities (who toured Canada twice) in 2008, Beadle moved back to Welland and parterned up with producer Frank Gairdner to record his first solo effort. The result was his 2014 debut, The Huntings End.

“I was never a great instrumentalist myself. I just knew how to play the acoustic guitar and I was really forced to get my songs out there. That album was recorded in a single day. We didn’t really know what we were doing, but there was no shame in trying,” said Beadle.

Upon release, the album started charting on Bandcamp and Beadle was offered a record deal from Butterfly Collectors and started touring Europe. On his first tour he landed a spot on the prestigious Haldern Pop Festival alongside Hozier, Kurt Vile, Patti Smith & Sun Kil Moon. From there, his shows started selling out. To date, he has been over five times on month long tours.

His deal was for two records, so after 2015’s Where Did We Get Lost, Beadle wanted a change in direction.

“I wanted to play music that was a little but more intricate and simple. I just wanted to start experimenting with music,” he said.

His 2017 single ‘Gone Before Sunrise’ got picked up on several playlists and was a small glimpse of what was to come. Another single from The Huntings End ‘Did You Run?’ was remixed by German electronica artists BlackWhite and is on over 2500 playlists on Spotify and has over a million listens.

Beadle’s most recent single from late last year ‘Cold Love’ is an ‘energetic, edgy and dark’ song that explores the voyeuristic look into a bewildered love life. For ‘Cold Love’ Beadle ditched the acoustic guitar and went for full electronic production. The result is simple. The tune has one verse and three chorus’ but the depth of the track haunts the listener, demanding repeat plays.

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“I didn’t want to become an electronic musician. But, I wanted to start adding electronic elements to the music and I think everything is kind of coming into fruition and that song kind of exemplifies where my music is kind of going right now,” explained Beadle.

His upcoming single ‘Desire’, which will be released this May, follows the same vibe of ‘Cold Love’. Released through the label Plus Minus Equal, the track has the same feel to the dark-pop direction of ‘Cold Love’. It’s another tough story with heartfelt lyrics and a catchy chorus, featuring more electronic instruments with natural elements.

“It’s hard to go from a folk singer-songwriter and dive into a completely different genre that is also accessible to the same type of fans you may have had. So I think, for the next little bit, you’re going to have to hear me get comfortable with my new sound,” said Beadle. “The growing pains are past me, but it all takes some time.”

Jeff Beadle performs with Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado at Club Richelieu on April 20.

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