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Jenn Grant Brings Back Her Love

Jenn Grant Brings Back Her Love

This past April, Halifax musician Jenn Grant was scheduled to appear at the Warehouse for an intimate concert, but unfortunately had to cancel her performance. Grant released her first EP, Jenn Grant and Goodbye Twentieth Century in 2005, and has followed it up with another nine LPs since. She has been shortlisted for both Junos and the Polaris Prize, and her most recent record, released in May 2019, Love, Inevitable, is a beautiful and exploratory look at motherhood through her lens. We had the opportunity to talk with her back in April, and while much of our discussion was time specific, we were able to salvage a few snippets from the interview.

Would you be able to explain to me the concepts and processes behind your new record, Love, Inevitable?

Stream Grant’s latest here.

Well, the title inspiration came from the Daniel Johnston song, “True Love Will Find You in the End” and I kind of wrote the album for my son and it’s about my experience of entering motherhood.

I think it’s a really beautiful piece of work. I’m really proud of it. It was written during a time when I was kind of waiting to see if I was pregnant or not. Then I found out that I was, and I was very tired while I was writing it, as it was my first trimester, so I just wanted to get these songs done and recorded.

You’re quite prolific in that you’ve released an album almost every two years (10 in 14 years). Do you feel the need to keep creating and releasing records to keep your momentum as an artist moving along? Or does it just happen naturally?

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It’s a bit of both. I do feel like as a human being I need to create art and release things in order to feel fulfilled as a person. So, in that sense, that’s why I’ve put out so many records. With Paradise (2017), there was some encouragement for me to make a record. With this record, there wasn’t that guidance and I was exhausted during that time and I was really worried about what I would create. In the end, this is a very special record. So, whichever way you look at it, art was created and now I just have to follow up the album with the rest of the work that comes along with releasing one.

Jenn Grant performs at the Warehouse on September 19 with Ken Yates.

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