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The Just Ripe: Coyote’s Run Luminous

The Just Ripe: Coyote’s Run Luminous

Its January 2018 a time for resolutions and new gym memberships, however I will be staying warm and inside, drinking glou glou reds all winter long. Glou glou is ‘french wine slang’, for goes down like water. Lately I have been enjoying the Coyote’s Run 2016 Luminous, it’s medium bodied with bright flavours and well balanced. I was lucky enough to discover this wine during the wineries big sale they had in the fall where everything was 50% off, but even at regular price this $18.95 red blend is a great bang for your buck. Luminous is a blend of 4 grape varietals; Cab Franc, Merlot, Cab Sauv and Syrah. Heaps of black fruit like cherries and plums and bits of smoked cedar giving the wine a huge aroma. I was pleasantly surprised with the easygoing weight of the wine, it honestly makes this wine fun to drink. It is full of flavours, like super ripe black fruit, red bell peppers and the smallest hint of sour cherry. The Syrah brings that lovely black pepper to the finish and the tannins remind me of my new velvet dress. This is definitely a wine that’s suitable for any night of the week and you should find comfort in knowing it will please the pallets from your wine’y friends to your friends that are happy with wine that comes in bag or box. Happy New Year and Happy Drinking from your local drinker @thejustripe.

Wine: 2016 Luminous
Cost: $18.95
Winery: Coyotes Run
Address: 485 Concession 5 Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake

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